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Five Reasons to Visit Seville – You Should Know

Seville is a beautiful city full of striking contrasts. The historical periods have settled in various styles, which provides travelers a unique experience. Here are five reasons to travel to Seville:

The Arab influence in architecture and design

You’ll find samples of the passage of this culture in the Real Alcazar, more precisely in the Patio de los Maidenes. You will not believe your eyes when you see the Moors tiles with its palette of colors that are subtle and vibrant at the same time.

The Andalusian courtyards and the fountain in the Patio de los Naranjos in the Cathedral, is an architectural masterpiece that will leave you amazed. Even the latches on the doors are decorated, making it as detailed as possible.

Intimate scale

Touring the Santa Cruz neighborhood is almost mandatory. Its narrow streets make cars impossible to pass. This is only accessible for walking, which makes it a romantic set up.

Monumental scale

The Square of Spain, built in 1929 is indicative of huge size. Also, the Cathedral of Seville bears the title of the largest Gothic cathedral in the world. Do not forget to head as well to the Giralda tower, for a sublime panorama of the city.


If you are an art lover, head to the Museum of Fine Arts in the Plaza or the Triana district to see sculptures.

Sub-tropical vegetation

The reasons to visit Seville are not limited to the latter, of course. The orange trees grow everywhere, as well as palm trees that add a natural touch to this beautiful city. It keeps to contrast with vivid colors of the building and make it irresistible to any traveler.

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