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A Complete Guide on Matching Body Type and Swimsuit Style

Sydney has over 100 beautiful beaches, ranging from secluded bays and hidden coves to crowded surf coastlines and world-famous tourist hotspots. With iconic beaches like Bondi and Manly, Sydney demands stylish bikinis from every lady in town! But how do you pick the right beachwear for your body type? Knowing your body form and which style of Sydney bikini best fits is the first step in finding the perfect swimwear. For example, are you more athletic or apple-shaped? To find out, use this guideline!

What Body Type Do You Have?

Everybody’s figure is different, so when it comes to swimsuits, you should pick the one that’s right for you, not what suits the model sporting it in the catalog. The most frequent body kinds seen in Sydney are:

  • Rectangle
  • Hourglass
  • Athletic
  • Pear

Remember that your size doesn’t determine your body type; an Hourglass, Pear, or Athletic body structure can exist at any weight.

Another thing to remember is that everybody’s physique is different, and you may find that yours fits none – or perhaps more than one – of these categories.

How Do You Choose a Swimsuit for a Rectangle Body?

Rectangle body forms feature a slim appearance with slight variation in waistline, hip, and breast proportions. The rectangle figure is ideal for all bikini styles because all bikinis lend a curvature to the hips and bust.

  • Leaner rectangle bodies look great in revealing triangle top and bottom with side ties.
  • One-piece beachwear with cut-out sides can give even the straightest rectangular bodies the appearance of an hourglass figure.
  • Bold patterns and hues, as well as frills, ruffles, and ruching, can all help to add volume to your bust and hips.

How Do You Choose a Swimsuit for an Hourglass Body?

The phrase “hourglass figure” refers to a figure with a perfectly-defined waist and an evenly proportionate hips and bust. Even if you are slim, you can be an Hourglass.

  • Because of the Hourglass’s feminine characteristics, most styles are appealing.
  • High-waisted bikini shorts will attract attention to your tiny waist while also concealing your stomach.
  • Adhere to matching sets to keep your proportions in check.

How Do You Choose a Swimsuit for an Athletic-Shaped Body?

Athletic body forms often called ‘Inverted triangles,’ have broad shoulders and a straighter bust, waistline, and pelvis.

  • To harmonise shoulders and hips, pair plain simple tops with stylish bottoms.
  • Deeper necklines and cushioned cups highlight smaller bosoms while minimising broad shoulders.

How Do You Choose a Swimsuit for a Pear-Shaped Body?

The Pear, or triangular shape, refers to a Sydneysider’s body that is larger at the pelvis, has narrow shoulders and a smaller bust. You want to bring emphasis up and away from the pelvis to balance things.

  • Choose tops with vivid patterns, intricate designs, padded cups, and low necklines to emphasise your bust’s natural contours.
  • Opt for figure-flattering solid colours and darker colours for the bottom.

Summing Up

When finding the “ideal” swimsuit for Sydney beaches, scouring the internet for every label and website can seem like a difficult task. First and foremost, consider your Sydney bikini requirements. You want something appealing, trendy, and comfy but it also makes you feel good. That boils down to fit most of the time, and not all outfits are created equal. Now that you’ve gained the necessary knowledge, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of comfortable, on-trend beach attire that feels tailor-made.

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