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8 Tactics To Grow Your TikTok Account

TikTok, a most popular app, had unstoppable growth in recent decades, showing no signs of diminishing. Even if you don’t think your TikTok account goes well, you must stay on TikTok because it reaps extraordinary benefits. With TikTok’s crazy reach speed among its audience, it is more likely expected to beat the top two social media networks and gain the first position in upcoming years. Do you want to be a part of this trending app and get more views and followers? Let’s dive into the article to learn more about TikTok and ways to grow your account. But before that, if you are keen to gain instant stardom, then buy tiktok followers and raise your profile reach.  

Eight Tips For Growing Your TikTok Account

1. Create A Friendly Profile Picture

Creators may already know this rule from other social media networks. You can grab more attention from followers once your profile picture is approachable. Don’t keep a blurred image; keep a clear, unique, and memorable one. You can also use a video instead of a picture. It will be even more outstanding!

2. Have A Great Profile

Keep your profile descriptions short and crisp. Try to communicate clearly on the bio about who you are and what you do. If you want to get inspiring ideas, check on famous creators’ profiles. Many experts include a call to action in their profile descriptions. There is no harm in encouraging people to check out your content. If you have a great profile, viewers will stick around and lead to organic reach.

3. Share Links To Other Social Media Channels

If you have an active social media account other than TikTok, you can add links to your TikTok bio. It will convert followers on other social media channels to watch your profile on TikTok. It is a better way to debut your brand new TikTok profile. It will generate more leads and get higher conversion rates. 

4. Post 4-8 Times A Day On TikTok

Frequent posting will help you to reach a massive audience in a short time. TikTok has no limits on the number of videos posted daily. So, it gives an excellent opportunity to reach diverse audiences through short-form video content. Ensure all your daily videos end up with different concepts so that it brings back the people to watch them. Do vides on what you are good at, such as dancing, singing, gymnastics, cooking, beauty, etc.,

5. Get To Know The Best Time To Post 

Time is all that matters! If you post a TikTok video at the right time, you are the hero on the for you page. First, get to know the locations of the majority of your audience. For example, if they are located in the US, try sticking to the US timezone as best as possible. You can also use analytics and statistics tools to get the proper timings. Finally, schedule your post so you don’t miss out on reaching your potential audience.

6. Collaborate With Big Players In Your Niche Market

Your presence on TikTok will be fabulous if you join hands with big players in the industry. It may take time but the more you try to connect with popular TikTokers, the more are the chances you get your account to the next level. You can also collaborate with influencers or creators and shall perform duet videos together. 

7. Create And Participate In TikTok Challenges 

Besides using viral hashtags and viral songs, you can also take part in TikTok challenges. As soon as you recognize the trend, find your style and recreate the videos. You can also create your challenges. If you don’t think any of the TikTok challenges suits your niche, step out of your comfort zone and create a video. If you are lucky to fall in the eyes of celebrities or influencers, they may tag you in their post, which will go viral. They continue with tagging, and you will become a TikTok trendsetter. If you are still puzzled about getting fame on TikTok, try using Trollishly for better results. 

8. Go Live Daily

TikTok live option is available only for creators with more than 1000 followers. If you have access, then go live daily. Your followers will get a notification whenever you go live until your Live ends. It is a great way to stay in the minds of your followers and build a deep relationship with them. In addition, you can ask them for suggestions for your upcoming videos during the live. According to proven records, TikTok Live will earn more followers than a regular video post.

Final Thoughts 

So finally, you have a definitive list of strategies to grow your TikTok account. Although TikTok seems simple, it requires tactics to earn a spot on the ‘for you’ page. You may initially find it difficult, but once you learn the ropes, you may apply your engagement tactics and grow your followers. Happy TikTokking! You can share your thoughts about this article in the comment section below!

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