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How Long Does an Email Deliverability Audit Take?

An email deliverability audit is considered to be a great chance to locate ways to enhance your email deliverability. This is done by looking at several factors. These include the delivery rate, email infrastructure, and email authentication protocols. These measures can help you improve your deliverability and get the most out of your emails delivered. Email infrastructure is presented with hardware, software, and components which send your emails out.


Folderly email deliverability audit is a comprehensive process which will help you understand the health of your domain and improve the deliverability of your email traffic. By tracking each individual email address to find out where it fails, you can improve your campaign performance and maximize your click-through rates. Using modern tools like spam checkers or email deliverability tests in the process of audit can detect issues related with your messages and their delivery. Folderly email deliverability audit identifies domain problems and makes recommendations to resolve them.

The results of the Folderly email deliverability audit will be presented in a comprehensive report. It will contain both good and bad news. In addition, it will give you tailored tips for improving your email performance. For instance, you can optimize your email content and send it to high-value subscribers to get high-open rates.

Folderly email deliverability audit may turn out to be a complicated process. It involves preliminary steps. You need to prepare your email campaigns, which includes addressing potential sales objections and cleaning templates of spam trigger words. It can take several weeks. If you’re concerned about the length of your project, the Folderly team can help you. Folderly’s experts also provide helpful tips and tricks for optimizing your email campaign.

Using the wrong email template can negatively impact your deliverability. Make sure your email contains an unsubscribe link within it to ensure you don’t violate any laws. Also, avoid using links that end up in IP address addresses. Using URLs is a better choice. Email deliverability audits are a valuable tool for small businesses. It is important to choose the right option for your company.

Folderly has a comprehensive platform for running an email deliverability check. It monitors the sender image, email addresses, shared IP addresses, and domain name. It also evaluates the overall state of your dedicated IP address. Don’t hesitate  to invest in a comprehensive email deliverability audit, as it will positively affect your email campaign and , therefore, increase your profit in the future.

Folderly’s email deliverability audit will give you a complete picture of how many of your emails make it to your prospects’ inboxes. If your email campaign is not sending enough emails to your prospects and you are willing to check email deliverability, the audit can help you refine it.


InboxArmy is a full-service email marketing agency that specializes in email deliverability. Its team of experts has over 250 years of email marketing experience and works with clients of all sizes. Its email deliverability experts can support more than 50 email service providers. The company also offers a free email deliverability report and a free delivery report dashboard.

Its email deliverability audits can reveal your major pain points and help you design a better strategy to reach your target audience. This comprehensive service also includes a strategy-building phase, which helps you determine where you need to focus your time and resources. Additionally, InboxArmy offers professional campaign management, which is great for businesses that lack the resources to manage their own email campaigns.


If you’re wondering how long it takes to perform an email deliverability audit, you’re not alone. There exist various ways to conduct an email deliverability audit. For starters, you can use a service like Mailgun’s Inbox Placement to gather data on the performance of your emails. This service is completely free, and it will give you monthly reports and access to a deliverability reporting dashboard.

One of the crucial  things to take into account while assessing email deliverability is IP reputation. If your IP has a poor reputation, you’ll be unable to send emails to your subscribers. To enhance your deliverability, try to use a dedicated IP address instead of a shared IP. This is a good idea for high-volume senders who are worried about spam.

If you’re unsure whether you have a healthy email deliverability score, you should run an email delivery test within an email deliverability audit. This is an essential step in running a successful email campaign. Mailgun’s email deliverability audit will give you an idea of your email deliverability score and help you determine how to improve it. 

Email Deliverability Audit: What You Need to Know

If you send a lot of email messages or have an advanced email workflow, you may want to run an email deliverability audit. It can provide you with valuable insight into how you send email messages and identify challenges with your process. The process usually takes two weeks and includes a detailed report that includes a checklist of tools and screenshots as well as recommendations on how to increase deliverability. After the audit, you can make changes based on the findings.

A deliverability audit will involve checking a number of factors, including email content and infrastructure. The results are analyzed to identify any issues that may cause your emails to bounce or get rejected. Sender reputation, list hygiene, and IP reputation are other factors that are examined. It is important to run an email spam check to earn a good sender reputation. A deliverability audit will also include metrics that measure how many emails are opened, clicked, and replied to.

To begin, you will need to find out what your current email deliverability rate is. To check this, you should go to your website’s domain registrar and track the quantity of emails which were delivered in the past few months. Once you have this information, you can decide whether to improve your email deliverability rate. If you do, find a service provider that offers test emails and follow their instructions.

If you want to improve your email deliverability, you should consider switching to a dedicated IP. This is especially useful if you send a lot of emails. You can also use an ESP that actively monitors shared IP addresses to keep them free from spammers. A good ESP will also monitor sender reputation, which is one of the most important factors in email deliverability.


Email is one of the most important communications channels, and email deliverability issues can seriously damage your business. An email deliverability audit will identify mysteries behind your email delivery and help you get your messages into your contacts’ inboxes. When you hire a reliable email deliverability service, you can rest assured that your emails will be delivered.

Email deliverability consultants have different pricing structures. Some charge by the hour while others charge per project. Consulting firms also offer packages. Packages vary from $250/hour to $399/month.

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