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How to choose necklaces based on your face type

Necklaces are artistic pieces of jewelry that can accentuate your looks greatly. The trick is to wear the right necklaces that suit the type and shape of your face. Most people don’t know this; therefore, they fail to impress others with their looks despite wearing trendy clothes and the latest jewelry designs. Here, we give you a broad idea of choosing necklaces that go well with your face. When you follow these tips, you can find yourself attracting eyeballs wherever you go, even if you wear the simplest of necklace pieces.

Know what type of face you have

Before you understand what kind of necklace you should choose, you should know what type of face you have. Generally, human faces are of 6 common types – round, oval, triangle, square, rectangle and diamond. Apart from the shape of your faces, it would help if you also paid attention to your jawline’s shape because this is what enables you to choose the apt necklace to accentuate your beauty.

If you have a square or rectangular face, you are most likely to have a square jawline. Round and oval face types have a rounded jawline, whereas triangular and diamond face types have a straight jawline.

We hope that you would have understood what shape of face and jawline you have, by now. Here are some tips you can follow when choosing the right necklace with that idea in mind.

Necklaces for round face types

The jewelry you wear should not focus on the widest part of your face. This is the trick to achieving a completely balanced look. The line that can be drawn across the cheeks is the widest part for round faces. So necklaces that are long, go well with round faces. Y-shaped necklaces also help to elongate your overall look and divert the attention away from the roundness of the cheek lines. Never wear necklaces that are placed tight to your neck (like chokers or collar necklaces), as these designs will make your face look rounder than it already is.

Necklaces for oval face types

It wouldn’t be wrong to state that women with oval faces are indeed quite lucky! This is because they can sport all necklaces with equal elan and grace. In an oval-shaped face, the forehead is high and long. So, slightly long necklaces, especially those with teardrop designs, go very well with these faces. Open-link necklaces that are of reasonable length are also good choices. The only thing to remember is not to wear very long necklaces, as they will make your face look longer and thinner.

Necklaces for triangle face types

In these types of faces, the chin is pointed, and the forehead has more width than the cheekbones. So, it would help if you avoided long necklaces with a V-shaped design, because they will make your chin look more pointed than you would have liked. The best designs of necklaces you can try if you have a triangle or inverted triangle type of face are short, choker-type, or collar necklaces. Short necklaces with curves or layers or tiers are also excellent choices you can consider for these face types.

Necklaces for square face types

Here the angle of the cheekbones and jawlines are almost equal. You will notice that the cheekbones don’t start to become narrow as they come towards the forehead. So, necklaces with soft, simple and subtle designs are great for women with square-shaped faces. Normal U-shaped necklaces with some curves and twists are great choices to give you an overall soft and balanced look when you have square faces. You can also wear reasonably long necklaces, provided they have an interesting focal part like tassels in them. Since you already have sharp edges on your face, you should avoid necklaces with harsh, geometric patterns, as they do nothing to soften your appearance.

Necklaces for rectangular face types

Like square-shaped faces, in rectangular faces too, the widest part is the area around or below the cheek lines. So, you should necklaces that shift the focus away from here, and instead focus on your eyes and ears. In this case, short necklaces that can be worn tight around your necks are the best choices. Chokers and collar necklaces will make you look absolutely beautiful, if you have rectangle-shaped faces. These designs will make your face look wider and rounder. Take care to avoid Y-shaped necklaces or neckpieces with huge beads, as these designs will make your face look longer – something that you definitely don’t want!

Necklaces for diamond face types

Diamond-shaped faces also have a straight jawline and pointed chin like triangular face types. The forehead is the widest part of this type of face; therefore, you have to take the attention away from there. Short necklaces go well with these faces, as these designs give a balanced look to your face. An important point to remember when you have a diamond-shaped face is choosing a necklace that matches the neckline of your dress. For outfits with plunging necklines, long necklaces can also be worn.

As you can see, different necklaces suit different shapes of faces. Don’t worry if you hadn’t known of all these earlier. Like thousands of other women, you too had been ignorant of these facts. However, if you want to rock your look at every occasion, you should choose jewelry, especially neckpieces that go well with the shape of your face.

The good thing is that you don’t have to costly or statement pieces to create a fashion statement. Even simple and affordable necklaces can make a huge impact on your look, if you choose the designs properly. Before choosing your necklaces, you should assess the shape of your face, and then understand that the need of the hour is to shift the focus away from the widest areas of your face. This will ensure that your face looks more balanced than you ever imagined. Isn’t it quite surprising to know that your necklace can help you achieve a balanced and beautiful look? Try these tips to know more about the role of your neckpieces in your looks.

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