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How To Decorate A Man Cave On A Budget

If you’re on a budget but still want to create your ideal man cave, you’re probably feeling a little bit stressed and restricted with the types of items that you want to include in your room. 

However, we’re here to reassure you that you don’t need to spend an enormous amount of money to create your ideal look! From repurposing old furniture to finding bargains in your local store, decorating your man cave can be quite an inexpensive undertaking.

In fact, building your perfect man cave can be an extremely fun DIY project with incredible results — if you know where to look for potential furniture, decor, and color scheme ideas. 

Here is how to decorate a man cave if you’re on a budget.

Measure The Space

The area you’ve chosen to house your man cave should offer some privacy from the rest of your home yet doesn’t need to be hidden away. The one thing you do need for this space is somewhere that has enough open space for you to accommodate some furniture.

Before purchasing anything, you must note down all of the measurements of the room to figure out exactly what you are working with. Not only will this save you some money in case a specific item is too small or large for the room, but it’ll ensure that you will fit everything into the space with no issues.

Using the measurements, you can then begin to shortlist your favorite furniture and decor.

Decide On A Theme

Deciding on a theme for your man cave is a lot easier said than done!

You can begin by brainstorming the things that you love the most, whether that is a type of alcohol, music, or a specific sport, and then begin thinking about the types of things you could add to the room to complement the theme.

The theme can be as minimalistic or as dramatic as you want, as long as it works with the types of things that you have in your mind. Feel free to create a vision board that includes the potential items that you want to add and then tailor it according to the theme that you choose.

Repurpose Furniture In Your Home

If you have a favorite chair why not clean it up a little and put it into your man cave? This way you’re adding a special and personal touch to your private space without needing to spend the extra money on purchasing another item.

Or if you have a worn side table sitting abandoned in your garage, you can apply a durable varnish coating to restore it to its former glossy glory while reducing the number of stains and scratches it endures. It could even inject some personality into the room!

Select A Few Key Items

Get the ball rolling by selecting a handful of small decorative items that you want to include in the man cave. You are sticking to a budget after all, and want to choose only the best elements to show off the theme you’ve chosen.

If you’ve opted for a music theme, why not include some vinyl memorabilia, a guitar with an amp, and your favorite records framed and put up on the wall? For the sports lover, how do a baseball bat handrail, a pool table, and a leather recliner sound? 

Make sure the key items you select truly represent your theme without cluttering the space.

Add Finishing Touches

The final step in decorating your man cave is to paint any available walls. This is an optional step but could add a special touch to the space that truly makes it feel like your own.

If you have a much smaller man cave then an accented wall could do wonders for opening up the space while still sticking to your theme without you needing to clutter the space with unnecessary furniture.

Paint the colors to match elements of the furniture or accented decorations to bring everything together and create a coherent image. Once this is done and all of the walls are fully dried down, you can put your furniture into the room and finalize the placement of everything you have chosen to match the theme.


There is no “right” way to decorate a man cave. Provided you have a firm idea of what you want to achieve in terms of the decoration and overall feel of the room, and you know where to shop to stay within your budget, the options for designing your space are seemingly endless.

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