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What Is The Best Way To Start Sailing?

Sailing is an excellent way to spend more time outdoors when the weather is mild. It allows individuals to appreciate the natural beauty of the place that they live in, and disconnect from the modern world temporarily.

A frequent misconception surrounding sailing is that it is a hobby that many people cannot afford. The truth of the matter is that sailing isn’t necessarily an expensive hobby. In order to find the cheapest setup that is still high in quality overall, check out the greatest bluewater sailboats for cruising. Here are some ways that anybody can learn how to sail and stay safe on the water. 

Learn The Right Terminology

Firstly, it’s essential to learn the words and phrases that are frequently used on any sailboat. This allows you to get a basic understanding of which can be useful when you are sailing with a more experienced sailer. Consider the different parts of the boat which someone could be referring to, and try to learn some of the basics ahead of time. 

Common terms include starboard, referring to anything on the right of the boat when it is facing forwards. Other frequently used phrases worth learning include jibe, mainsail, helm, keel, and tack. However, it could be useful to ask someone who is more familiar with sailing for their advice and suggestions on how you can learn certain terminology ahead of time. 

Understand The Wind

Another tip which can help you learn more about the sailing process is understanding the wind. This includes knowing what any major pressure changes can be a sign of, knowing when you should not head out sailing if the wind is too extreme, and more. 

The wind plays an important role when it comes to sailing, because it can significantly impact the direction that the boat heads towards, how difficult it is to move through the water. 

Consider A Training Course

There are also a range of training courses that can be useful when it comes to working on your technique and skills needed for sailing. Depending on the type of classes available within your local area, you could access online sessions or head to the local community center or sailing club near you. 

Taking training courses can be a great way to help you build confidence on the water. There are courses available which will teach you some basic first-aid and how to call for help in any boat. Likewise, you can take a course to understand the basics of setting everything up, and how to effectively maneuver the boat. 

Practice Rigging The Boat

Another key concept which should be considered ahead of time is rigging the boat. Make sure that you are comfortable securing the sails in the right place, and ensuring that everything has been correctly prepared on the boat. This should be done before setting out into open waters. 

Because of this, you can practice rigging the boat from the shore or when it is secured at a dock. Most training courses will provide a brief introduction to this process. However, it is highly recommended that you can easily rig any boat when necessary. 

Each boat is likely to have slightly different features, which can impact the type of approach to rigging. If you plan on renting a boat, then it is highly recommended that you practice ahead of time if possible. 

Work On Maneuvers

Similarly, maneuvers should be practiced before setting sail if possible. This is because it can cause a significant amount of damage, which costs a great deal to repair. Avoid a collision with another boat by working on your maneuvers in a range of situations, so that you are as prepared as possible. 

Keep Safe On The Water

Most beginner sailing courses will recommend or provide some basic first aid training sessions. However, it is highly recommended that you are keeping yourself and everybody on board as safe as possible. This includes brushing up on using a radio for rescue purposes, keeping life jackets available for each person, and more. 

It could also be worth learning about the different nautical flags, because this can have a significant impact on anticipated weather, and avoiding potentially dangerous areas in general. 


When it comes to sailing, it can be tempting to head out onto the open water right away. Unfortunately, there is a little preparation involved with learning to sail properly. Consider the precautions which should be taken in order to keep yourself and others safe at all times.

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