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How to Make a Birthday Video to Show Wishes

Now making a birthday video is not a hectic task. By spending a few minutes you can create an amazing birthday video with an efficient birthday video maker like Doratoon. A customised birthday video will show how willingly you wish for your loved ones. 

Why Are Birthday Videos Trending?

You have different ideas but why is a birthday video a unique way to wish birthdays online? Well, here is the answer: 

  • Unique And Interesting

Birthday videos are new and unique in their way.  They are unexpected and everyone loves them. The main thing that makes them interesting is that they can be personalised. You can deliver the birthday video message efficiently if your content is interesting to watch. 

  • Memorable

You have a wide area to make the birthday videos memorable. As you can add childhood photos of your kids or family members in the video to remind them of their childhood memories with you. 

  • Inexpensive

By relying on a free video maker you can create a good birthday video without spending a single penny. The video is shared online which means that it is also delivered for free. Doratoon is a free birthday video maker from which you can take help. 

  • Easy To Create

You can make a DIY or customised gift on your own but it will take time and effort in contrast to it a birthday video is far easier to create. Good video makers like Doratoon show you easy-to-edit ready-made templates for different types of birthday videos. 

How To Make A Birthday Video To Show Wishes?

After knowing the benefits of happy birthday wishes videos, let’s move on to how you can make them. You will find many birthday video makers online but not all are worthy enough. We are helping you by providing an authentic and tested birthday video maker named Doratoon. 

Doratoon- Best Birthday Video Maker

Doratoon is an efficient online birthday video maker that uses artificial intelligence technology and most of the work is done for you. All you need to do is take a template and personalise it within minutes and send the birthday video message. 

Doratoon is not just a birthday video maker, it offers a lot of editing options by using which you can personalise the video to a great extent. You can make it interesting by using text-to-speech features. You can add photos and videos to make it memorable. 

Besides a birthday wishes video, you will find many other related birthday video ideas templates like birthday invitations for birthday party recaps.

Step By Step Guideline To Make Birthday Video With Doratoon

Doratoon offers a user-friendly interface so anyone can easily make a birthday video even without having any special skills or knowledge. For more guidance a step-by-step guide is provided here: 

Step 1. Sign Up For A Free Account

To access the templates and other features you first need to create your account on Doratoon’s official website. On the main interface, you will find the signup button in the top right corner.

Step 2. Choose A Template Or Create A New Video 

After successfully signing up go to the workbench tab, here you can search for the templates or click on the “+ Create” button present on the top left side. It will directly take you to the main editing interface. 

Step 3. Edit And Personalize 

On the main editing page, you are allowed to add scenes and scene pages according to your choice. If you are working on the template you just need to add a birthday video message in the provided space. 

You are provided with a lot of advanced editing features. You can add different props, characters, background music, videos, or pictures to your birthday video. 

Step 4. Export And Share

Do all the desired settings, you can also use the timeline approach. When you are done save the video by using the export button present on the top right side and share it with your loved one.

Why Choose Doratoon To Make Birthday Videos

Following are the reasons that describe why you should choose Doratoon to create a birthday video: 

  • Easy To Use

Doratoon is a user-friendly platform that provides a simple and easy way to create a birthday video. Because of this reason, anyone can create a video even without any previous experience or skills. 

  • Free 

Doratoon’s basic plan is free, you can create 10 birthday videos of up to 10 minutes without paying any charges. Its paid plan is also very reasonable as compared to its rivals. 

  • Huge Collection Of Templates And Elements

For easy and fast creation it contains a lot of ready-made templates, these templates are created and most of the work is already done. You just choose a template for a birthday video and make it personalized. 

  • Advanced Editing Features

It contains many advanced features that no other video maker is providing. For instance, you can add subtitles or dubbing to your video or can use the timeline Approach. 

  • Hd High-Quality Video

Quality matters a lot when you need to play the created video on a big screen like you want to play them at a party. Doratoon allows you to create HD-quality birthday videos which can be played on a big screen. 

Ending Remarks

If you want to wish your loved one uniquely and interestingly then a greeting birthday video is the best available option for you. By using a good video maker like Doratoon you can create a good birthday video in minutes through the templates and also customize it by adding photos, video clips, text, or sound

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