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How to Style your Bob Wig

Wigs aren’t just for the long-haired girlies out there, all us short haired gals can equally join in on the fun! With wigs brewing up a storm in fashion society, it’s natural that all the fashionistas out there will want to jump on the trend. 

But while the tailor image of wigs that comes to mind are long, flowing tresses in every color from auburn to black to metallic to pink, there’s a certain part of the wig kingdom reserved for a more seldomly spoken of but much-loved type of wig: bob wig

Safeguarded for those of us who always feel more comfortable in our short hairstyles, the bob wig lets any girl change up her hairstyle without having to resort to inches on inches of long locks. And you’d be surprised at how much variety you’d find in the bob wig section – it’s really much more lucrative than anyone would’ve thought.

But one question remains, “how am I supposed to style my bob wig?” Not only will the application process be confusing you, but the many hairstyles that are possible with longer hair also skip the box. So, then what are you to do?

Hold on, let me share my secrets. Here’s how you can style your bob wig:

While this isn’t exactly part of the application process, it is going to affect it – big time! It’s no secret that buying a wig is going to make a dent in your bank account, but the size of the dent you make is going to directly impact the overall look you achieve. 

There’s no need to go high-end and buy the most expensive bob wigs out there, but it is generally a better idea to opt for human hair bob wigs over synthetic ones. Simply put, this is because the former will help you achieve a more natural look.

But if you can’t go for a natural hair bob wig then there’s no reason to sweat it. Synthetic ones have their own upside and will hold whatever hairstyle you arrange them in for longer, usually throughout the entire day. 

  • Clean, Clean, Clean!

So, you’ve finally found a bob wig that’s just right for you. Congratulations! But now you’ve got to clean it before you wear it! 

First things first, take a wide toothed comb or paddle brush and use it to detangle any knots in the wig. Once you’re through with that, then it’s time to take your wig through a thorough shampoo and conditioning, letting it airdry on a wig stand until done. Of course, make sure to only use shampoo and conditioner that is safe for use on wigs to prevent damages and achieve best results! 

  • Select your Part

Your bob wig is probably going to come with a preset part, whether that’s middle, left or right, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep it that way. 

Whether you’ve got a synthetic wig or a human hair bob wig, changing your wig’s part is actually quite easy – especially if you change the part while your bob wig is wet! Choose which side you want your bob wig’s part to be on and then take a thin comb, using it to arrange the part in that manner. 

If you’re confused about which style would suit you best, then you should try out different parts and experiment. Remember, changing wig parts is easy, so you can really try as many parts as you like!

  • Style it Up!

Now it’s time for deciding the actual look. Bob wig in hand, how are you going to style it? from curls to straight and sleek to dashes of color, there’s a limitless supply as to what you can do to your bob wig, all you need to take care of are the aesthetics. 

Give thought to what will suit your face shape and outfits, and style your hair accordingly. And of course, there’s plenty of room for trial and error, so you can really just try out a couple of different styles and see what suits you best. 

  • Accessorize!

So, you’ve got your bob wig selected, styled and applied – that only leaves one last step to go through: accessorizing! Whether you want to adorn flowers on your bob wig or pin it up with clips of your choice, both are easy to carry out and really elevate the wearer’s look. 

Match your accessories with your outfit and remember not to overdo it, practicing subtlety in your looks and aesthetics. 

So, if you’re a short-haired girl looking to venture into the world of wigs, then bob wigs are the perfect choice! Available in multiple designs and colors, the bob wig will be your trusty partner in any and all situations.

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