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Quite a number of modern online services require a cell phone number during verification or registration. We are talking about the standard SMS registration. It protects personal information, and is also designed to increase the safety of using the site. With this registration, the account is tied to a specific user, which makes it virtually impossible to hack the page. In certain cases, when you want to register on many portals, or create multiple accounts in one social network requires a phone number.

What is a Virtual SMS Number?

Virtual SMS numbers for registration have gained enormous relevance in today’s environment.

Presented numbers are absolutely no different from the usual. The only difference is their life cycle. A temporary phone number does not require a real SIM card and a mobile device. It is intended for one-time use as part of the registration procedures in social networks or various services. Such numbers are not linked to your location or device in any way.

When you may need a virtual number to receive SMS?

There are many situations on the Internet when you may need an additional phone number. Using a virtual number can be used primarily to increase your anonymity on the Internet. Thanks to virtual numbers a user can avoid surveillance on the Internet and keep his personal data from prying eyes. Anyone can get SMS verification services, and it is not required to provide personal data.

Here are examples of how to use SMS verification services:

  • To receive SMS verification for registration in online stores and orders in delivery services.
  • Receiving SMS online to virtual numbers may also be needed when registering on social networks or messengers, such as Facebook, WhatsApp and others.
  • Also, a virtual number may be needed when registering mailboxes for promotional mailings or personal use.
  • In addition, some companies ask for mobile number verification for participation in promotions or draws. With a virtual number you can create hundreds of such accounts and greatly increase your chance of winning.

How to get a virtual number using SMS-man

Service allows its users to get a temporary phone number, which will be able to get an SMS-message, necessary for registration in the messenger, social network, application, etc.

  1. To buy a virtual mobile number using SMS-man service, first you have to add funds to your newly created account. All available methods of balance top up are presented on the page “Payment”.
  2. Choose the most convenient way to pay and add money to your created account.
  3. After refilling the account balance you can continue. Now on the main page decide the country for the purchased virtual mobile number. In our case click on the link “Show all countries” (it is available in the “Select country”) and choose any option available.
  4. Then select the desired service where you plan to register and activate the account.
  5. Now click on “Buy”. After this purchased virtual mobile number will be displayed in the top menu with the history of requests.

Congratulations, now virtual number is fully owned by you and ready to use. All received SMS you can also see directly on the site by clicking on “Get SMS” next to your mobile number.

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