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Is Private Browsing as Private as Most Expect?

Most browsers, such as Google and Mozilla, offer private or incognito modes. Namely, when you search for something in this mode, you will think that your information isn’t exposed to others. It implies that others won’t see the pages you visit and that your identity will be hidden. 

However, this is not the case. Many people think that they will be more protected while using the private mode (which is the case to some extent), but the truth is, your identity and data are still exposed to people online. 

To further elaborate on this phenomenon, let’s look at private browsing and how you can keep your information safe on the internet. 

What is private browsing?

Once you are in the private browsing mode, you can search for whatever you want, and when you close the private window or tab, the sites you have visited will not appear in your search history. Moreover, it will also delete cookies, passwords, and other information. 

However, private browsing will still expose your information. This type of browsing won’t hide your identity while using it. Essentially, your internet provider will still have an insight into what pages you have visited in the private mode. 

If your school or employer controls your internet connection, they will also have an insight into what you are searching for. One of the most important things to mention is that private browsing won’t hide your IP address – others can still see who you are and what you are searching for. 

Additionally, while in private browsing mode, websites don’t collect your information and try to find advertisements for you. It will delete all your activity, and you won’t have to deal with annoying advertisements. 

In short, private browsing’s purpose is to clean out your search history and the data you give out. By using a private browser, your search history will be deleted, and that’s it. Others will still have an insight into what you are doing, so private browsing is not as private as you think. 

What is private browsing used for?

There have been misconceptions about private browsing, such as that it will keep your identity hidden. This type of browsing won’t keep you safe, but it serves a different purpose. Private browsing is made to hide your search history. 

For example, when you want to surprise someone with a gift and want to order it online, you should use a private browser. Your activity won’t be saved, and the person you are buying the gift for won’t be able to find out about it. 

You can also use private browsing for logging into and out of accounts. If you have multiple accounts on a specific platform, you can simply use private browsing instead of logging in and out of your accounts all the time. 

You won’t have to deal with advertisements and other recommendations when you search the web privately without logging into your Google account. Your search history will be deleted, and companies won’t be able to collect your data. 

Many people use private browsing when they don’t want others to find out what they are searching for. Sometimes, you want to research a topic that might not be comfortable, but, luckily, with the help of private browsing, no one in your surrounding will find out about it. 

A private browsing mode can be especially useful for computer privacy if multiple people use it. Additionally, there are more tips for preventing entities from snooping on your computer. If you want to log into an account on another device, we recommend doing it in private mode. Your passwords and usernames won’t be saved, and you won’t have to worry about getting your information stolen by someone else. 

How can I make my browsing safe?

As we have already seen, private browsing isn’t all that private. If you want full disclosure, you should consider other safety measures. There are many ways to keep your identity hidden while browsing the internet. 

One of these options is using a VPN for PC. This software will keep your IP address hidden, and your internet activity and data should not be visible to others. A Virtual Private Network app preserves your privacy by encrypting information on your activities. Thus, it is best to pair incognito modes with a VPN. Then, you can achieve the best security and privacy results. 


Some people consider private browsing to be completely safe and completely confidential. However, this is not the case. Your information and activity are still visible to your internet providers and others online. 

The purpose of private browsing isn’t to protect your information but to delete your search history. There are other ways to keep your data safe while surfing the internet, such as using another layer of protection.

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