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How to Better Manage Your Time as a Student with Attention Issues

Maintaining focus is not always easy. This holds particularly true during our study days. From checking your social media feeds to going over your group texts on your smartphone, to watching the latest series on Netflix, there are just so many things that deter us from giving our full attention to our studies. However, it does not need to be done in this way at all. Let us check out a few techniques that can help you concentrate better on your studies, especially if you have attention-related issues: 

Create a rigid schedule and stick to it 

Make a master schedule for your study time. Once a schedule is in place, you should adhere to it quite rigidly. In fact, you should consider blocking off all distractions, once you have started working on your schedule. This will enable you to prioritize projects and also your game plan so you will be able to finish your assignments on time, every time. Make sure you get the difficult work done early so that you will be able to relax as the going gets easier and smoother with the passage of time. 

Use an Agenda while simultaneously eliminating distractions 

You should take a long and in-depth look at all upcoming assignments and record all of the due dates in your agenda. Make sure that overdue assignments get a red priority. You can use your agenda to schedule your off time such as computer game time or TV time. This will help you to avoid the trap of wasting your hours away while watching TV. Moreover, what with social media, cell phones, and friends, there are plenty of activities that can act as distractions and basically take you away from the crucial tasks at hand.  Once you get down to work, you should just simply turn off your smartphone and also sign out of all social media accounts from your laptop or PC. All study time that you have scheduled on your master’s study schedule should be dedicated to working on your studies exclusively. While being smartphone and tv free is not easy, it has to be done! 

Use online guides

There are plenty of online guides that can also help you to achieve your study hours as per your pre-defined schedule. For example, as a nursing student, if you start using online resources such as the Osmosis app on the App store, then you can also prepare as well as properly plan your study time as a student. These guides will help you not just merely understand your own study patterns, but how to follow your own inclinations regarding your study hours. They will gauge you on the basis of a quiz to better help you help yourself with regard to your study hours. 

The early bird always catches the worm

This age-old adage basically denotes excellent time management skills. Basically, you have to stop procrastination and start working. Delaying assignments and other study hours until the last moment serves no function whatsoever. You should sit down at the start of the week, and methodically review all assignments and see which ones should be dealt with on a priority basis. It is imperative that you schedule a time to work on them and assign a specific number of hours to each, to ensure early completion. As long as you get an early start, you will be able to finish early as well. This means that there will be no need to stress over your work at the last minute. 

Study in very short bursts 

The human mind has a natural tendency to wander if left to its own devices this is why it is very important to ensure that you only study in very short bursts. Consider a maximum of 30 minutes followed by around 10 to 15 minutes of creative ‘me time.’ This will allow your mind to refresh itself. 


You can take control of your studies by being proactive. Start early, make a schedule and stick to it, and also study in short bursts. You can take the help of online Osmosis Guides to retain your attention span. These tips will help you breeze your assignments in no time at all.

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