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How to Properly Handle and Store Construction Materials

In addition to construction safety, proper handling and storage of construction materials are crucial for the success of a construction project. If carried out correctly, not only it helps minimize costs but also protects your workers from fatal construction-related injuries. 

Also, some construction materials on the site are poisonous and contain flammable gases. Being exposed to these hazardous materials can put workers at risk of severe injuries and even death. 

Exposure to various weather conditions can cause some of the construction materials to lose their usefulness and efficiency. That is why it is crucial to put safety protocols and strategies to avoid on-site accidents. 

Proper Construction Material Handling and Storing Tips

1. Regular Safety Training Programs in Place

Various risks come with improper material handling and storage and coming in contact with hazardous materials can be harmful to the workers. To protect the health and well-being of every individual involved in the project, you need to train your workers about the best practices in the proper handling and storing of construction materials. 

Before the commencement of the construction project, be sure to provide regular safety training programs to ensure that your workers have sufficient knowledge about the correct process of handling and storing different materials within the construction site.

2. Store Similar Materials Together

Be wary that certain materials and chemicals can cause unpleasant reactions when stored together. For example, highly flammable chemicals can result in fire accidents, posing a danger to both workers and the materials themselves. When fire strikes, it can cost you a huge amount of money as you will need to replace the damaged materials and pay compensation to injured workers.  

3. Dispose Of Waste Construction Materials Appropriately

The disposal of large volumes of waste construction materials can be overwhelming and stressful. To make the disposal process more manageable, be sure not to leave waste materials uncollected for too long. 

Irregular waste material disposal can affect the smooth construction process and increase the risk of onsite accidents or injuries. That is why it is important to have measures in place to ensure the on-time and appropriate disposal of waste materials. 

Assign a specific person who will be responsible for construction waste management and disposal. Be sure to train handlers in the proper construction waste material management and disposal to ensure their safety and well-being at all times. 

4. Choose Storage Space

Changing weather conditions can have unpleasant effects on the quality of most construction materials. To keep the safe and retain their quality, store them in areas at room temperature and cover them.

Avoid placing construction materials on bare ground to prevent them from absorbing moisture. Also, do not put them on areas with the uneven ground to avoid damage, especially to fragile materials. Purchase high-quality wooden pallets in Mississauga and use them to prevent materials from rolling off one another. Wooden pallets also help create a flat, stable space to store the materials. 

5. Know Each Storage Weight Limits

Inspect the outer cover of each construction material to know its storage weight limit. Exceeding the storage weight limit can put workers in danger around the stored materials as they can easily fall. It can also cause breakage of the materials. However, you can avoid these mishaps by following the recommended weight limits. 

6. Construction Vehicle Maintenance or Repair

No doubt that most construction materials are costly. Since you need to transport materials to and around the site, it is important to have regular vehicle maintenance service. Ensure routine inspection of your construction vehicles to determine their operating condition is up to standard. Book a truck repair in Sarnia as soon as possible if you notice minor mechanical problems before they develop into major breakdowns. 

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