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Radiant Health Saunas: Harnessing the Power of Far-Infrared Heat

With saunas becoming increasingly popular across the United States, an ever-growing selection of these tools is reaching the market. At this point, a range of models is available, including built-in and portable versions. They’re offered in many sizes, from one-person saunas to those that can hold entire groups of people. They also come in several layouts and can be made of different materials. 

Looking at Different Heating Systems for Saunas

Additionally, saunas can be heated by different types of energy. Some use standard electric convection heaters like those that can heat a room in a home. Others rely on gas or wood heating systems to provide their benefits.

Certain models, like Radiant Health Saunas, are now equipped with infrared heat as well. Those interested can find more info here. For now, though, take a look at some of the basics of these types of saunas.

What Is Infrared Heat?

Infrared is a special classification of light and radiation. Don’t be concerned, though. While it’s a type of radiation, it’s not harmful. Many people may be aware that visible light falls into different areas of the color spectrum ranging from red to purple. From there, light spans additional wavelengths, covering the non-visible and microwave portions of the spectrum.

That’s where infrared comes into play. It branches out into two types of radiation: near and far infrared. Near-infrared waves are undetectable to humans. We can’t see or feel them. As we move along to the far-infrared area of the spectrum, those waves become more evident. Far infrared can be felt in the form of heat. With the heat that is generated by the infrared it will help people to lose weight by going in saunas aside from other health benefits that you can get.

Why Is This Important for Sauna Heating Systems?

This is important for sauna heating systems for a few key reasons. For one, those equipped with far-infrared technology, the type used in Radiant Health Saunas, are much more effective. Their heat is said to penetrate deeper into the body, providing muscle relaxation, pain relief, and other benefits.

Secondly, the heating systems in Radiant Health Saunas are more efficient than many other models on the market. Some infrared units are known for having regions that are far too hot or cold for comfort. That means users must find their comfort zones and remain confined to those areas. Those from Radiant Health Saunas are designed to avoid such shortcomings.

Is Far Infrared the Best Option?

Studies show that far-infrared radiation is the optimal choice for saunas because of its penetrating effects. Our bodies draw in this type of heat rather than reflecting it, so it’s a more effective solution for full-body heat therapy and all the potential advantages it offers. These include pain relief, relaxation, improved skin, reduced blood pressure, and better circulation. 

Taking Full Advantage of Far-Infrared Saunas

Radiant Health Saunas employ far-infrared technology. It’s the most effective and efficient method for heating a sauna and providing health benefits, according to many studies. It’s also a more energy-efficient alternative because infrared heat is absorbed by the body rather than reflected or wasted on the surrounding air. As such, these types of saunas may be the best option for full-body heat therapy.

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