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Reinventing yourself for a fuller, happier life

Growing up, we’re taught to dream big, that we could change the world if we put our minds to it, and to believe in ourselves. While we may have been successful in achieving some of the goals we’ve set out to do in this lifetime, we also wonder at times, if we had done enough. Do you find yourself questioning if this is the life you really want? Daydreaming of doing something completely different; a different career, making happier life choices, or perhaps you’re stuck in a rut and want to make a change. As we mature and grow older, our needs and expectations change overtime, and things that used to bring us joy do not fulfil us as much as before. 

So instead of wasting time merely wondering, you should take the first step and reinvent. Get the wheels turning, reinvent yourself and unlock your full potential.  

Do not get stuck in the rabbit hole

What does it mean to reinvent yourself? It’s usually a significant change to one’s life that involves important personal growths and development. It’s a journey of self-discovery, allowing us to let go of the past, step out of our comfort zone and explore all future possibilities. It’s ‘finding your ikigai’ or your ‘reason for being.’

It will for sure, require sacrifices, but if you stay committed to the process, it could be a gratifying experience.

How to reinvent

There are loads of reasons you might want to reinvent yourself. Life a snake shedding its skin, you go through changes to find a new purpose and achieve your potential, without letting circumstances and situations define you. Here are some ways how you could reinvent yourself.

1. Analyze

Look at your life right now and evaluate what is good or bad. Start off by using the wellness wheel to ensure you don’t have blind spots in your life. The wheel reminds you that there’s a lot more to overall wellness than just mental and physical health. As you begin to understand this, you will discover the areas that need more attention in your life, from what has been neglected to what needs changing or improving. For example, you might realize that you’ve been neglecting time for yourself as you dedicate all your energy for others. Then listen to your gut and think about your values; do you think if you had a little more time to do what you enjoy on your own that you’d feel happier than focusing a hundred percent on others’ happiness? If you know that it’s about time that you come first, create a vision board for all the idea images that would make you happy – reading books, travelling solo, disappearing for two weeks with no commitments… whatever your heart desires, this is the beginning of your transformative journey. The battle is already half fought. 

2. Be courageous and try something new

Life is uncertain. Reinvention involves new ideas, desires and aspirations. It means moving with time and being open to trying new things with an open mind. Remember that persistence is key, and learn to set realist goals and expectations. If you fail, it should be a motivation for you to strive to learn from mistakes and continue learning. If reinventing yourself means a career change, then look up apprenticeships or courses for working professionals to gain that extra knowledge. As long as you have a strong desire to learn, there’s no such thing as old dogs can’t learn new tricks. There have been success stories of people losing jobs and doing well with their start ups, professionals upskilling to meet the changing digital world and many who have made good money trading in the financial market. 

3. Seek out like-minded people

Be sure to surround yourself with a strong support system – be it friends, family or others who are pursuing the same goals as you. They will be your cheerleaders, your shoulder to cry on and also your biggest critiques. 

4. Be resilient and agile

In an ever changing world, if you don’t keep up, you either become redundant or replaceable. Just having the mindset to want to reinvent yourself will instil positive traits such as resilience, adaptability and flexibility. Look at Madonna, who reinvented herself throughout her musical career. Form being a backup dancer and disco diva in leg warmers to a top pop performer and an icon, she is a musical chameleon in her long trajectory in music. Like the queen of pop, you need to remain relevant in the industry if you don’t want to be phased out.

5. You’re a brand

Think of yourself as a brand. As you determine which aspects of your personality or brand require adjusting, note that rebranding yourself for the private sector and doing it for yourself are two different things. Customers and clients want consistency and their opinions can make or break your brand. The key is understanding the audiences’ wants, needs and dislikes to package yourself as their solution. Big brands like Rolex even reinvent themselves when releasing watch collections. One example is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust, which has continued to reinvent itself while symbolising a classic elegance, since its creation in 1945. It was the first self-winding waterproof chronometer wristwatch to display the date in a window at 3 o’clock on the dial. Its varied reinterpretations over the years showcase Rolex’s expertise in dial-making with multiple aesthetic options to adapt to the personality of its wearers. 

We hope you’ll find this guide useful, and start on your journey in self-reinventing. 

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