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Smooth And Easy Relocation Of Home or Office With Ultimate Checklist In Canada

Moving to a new home or office in Canada is quite challenging and exciting. Organizing everything before moving day is a good idea. You may have a lot of things to be done such as arranging, organizing, packing, sealing, and more. An early start makes your relocation stress-free and allows you to have complete peace of mind when you walk into your new home.

For this, you need to consider a moving checklist. Canadian citizens generally plan their move by creating a list of items or things that they wish to make their dream home and will tick off all the packed items from the list till the moving day. Thus, a checklist ensures that they have done everything needed and packed accordingly. 

To simplify and ease your move with lots of joy, you need to download the best ultimate moving checklist available at Little Orange Trucks Company online for free. They provide expert removalists or movers for a stress-free relocation. They are top-rated and have good reviews. For relocating anywhere in Canada or Vancouver, they are highly preferred. They pack and unpack, assemble and disassemble furniture and many other things as part of their relocation service at a fair and transparent cost.

Details Of Checklist

The checklist starts eleven or more weeks before the moving day and ends when the relocation is done. 

11 or more weeks – Create a moving binder with all your records, receipts, rental agreements, and more.

10 to 9 weeks – Avail free online quote from Little Orange Trucks’ website. In many Canadian offices, employers offer moving bonuses and cover the expenses. Thus, check whether you qualify for such a bonus or not.

8 to 6 weeks – Many Canadian homeowners donate their large items or households to a charity or old age homes. So do this as your part if anything doesn’t fit your truck.

6 to 4 weeks before moving – Contact the Canadian post office and update your address for forwarding your mails. Also, meet your friends and neighbors and say them a loving goodbye.

3 to 2 weeks before – Provide all your information to the Canadian Taxation authority or the revenue agency as it is mandatory for Canadian employees. Withdraw yourself from any local communities or memberships.

One week before moving day

  • Update your contact information in your workplace or an office.
  • Plan for the things required on your moving day including food, clothing, and bed.
  • Disconnect all the wires from your electronic devices. 

The day before moving

  • Pack your windows.
  • Create some music.
  • Care for plants.
  • Clean the icy way to ensure safe moving.

On Moving Day

  • Make sure everything is ready to move.
  • Have breakfast.
  • Prepare yourself with some snacks and a water bottle
  • Make sure you turn off everything including water taps, lights, or any other.
  • Take the photos of an empty home because Canadian house owners ask for their home condition and proof.

Little Orange Truck is one of the best companies for moving to Vancouver and helps you have a safe, smooth, and comfortable moving experience in Canada.

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