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Rent a Luxury Yacht for the Wedding of Your Dreams

“When you realise you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” – When Harry met Sally

So, what can be more suitable than to rent a yacht in Montreal to mark the start of your wedding day?

Walking down the aisle of a luxury yacht with a spectacular backdrop and tapestries can be a wonder. You can also make it a big or intimate event with close friends and family. The exceptional hospitality, elegance, and ambience of a yacht will allow you to take your celebration to the next level. 

Reasons to plan a yacht wedding

  • Beautiful view and romantic setting

The scenery is the greatest thing you get when you rent a yacht in Toronto or anywhere else. You can rejoice on the day of your wedding on a luxury yacht, with a sunset view and in the middle of the sea waves. 

The cherry on the top? The photographs you would get of your wedding day!

It can become a memorable day not only for a bride and groom but also for your guests. The intimacy, aesthetics, and privacy can create strong romantic vibes. 

Furthermore, you can also explore other islands and hike up the vibe. 

  • Get professional and best-in-class yacht services

When you rent a yacht for your nuptials, you also get an awesome crew who will serve your needs. Plus, they will ensure you have a fabulous time during your celebrations. 

They also have extensive experience and will make sure that you have unique and the best services. You can rest assured and enjoy your adventures.

  • Personalised wedding services

Yacht crew are highly-trained professionals and offer services that suit bride, groom, and guests as well. You can request the yacht company to provide services according to your priority, like privacy, entertainment, or safety. 

You can also get flexible packages to fit your wedding needs and make your day nothing but the best. 

  • Perfect for hodophiles

What can be better than a yacht wedding for people who love to travel? 

It will give privacy but also a sense of freedom. Gliding on the sea, exploring different islands, saying ‘I do’ on the quay-side, and opening the bottle of champagne in the centre of the open ocean can bring about a great adventure.

If you and your spouse have a thing for travel, then a yacht wedding with a cool breeze on the face and a salty smell can be the best gift.

  • Beautiful decorations of your choice

A yacht is a blank piece of paper, and you have the opportunity of decorating the way you want. You can let your imagination run wild!

You can decorate the aisle, have a solo colour selection, fill your yacht with beautiful flowers, or add colourful tapestries. You can express your love through decorations. 

  • Cater to your taste

You can choose cuisines, cake flavours and designs, and add everything according to your taste. The yacht company will have experts on their team who will also advise you on what will be best for you. 

As a result, they will make your day intimately wonderful. 

  • Excellent arrangements for guests

A yacht wedding is a unique yet adventurous way of celebration. You can make sitting or standing arrangements for your guests. 

Plus, you can also keep your close friends on your yacht and let others have a different one. Then, you can keep their yachts near yours and allow them to witness the wedding. 

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Tips for planning a wedding on a yacht

1. Ask about wheelchair availability

If you are planning to be wed on top of the deck, make sure you consider older adults who might be having mobility issues. Hence, they will need wheelchairs to witness your big day.

2. Be prepared for seasickness

Often the yacht company will take you to places where the water is tranquil. Moreover, you and your guests will also have a view of the island, further limiting the queasy factor. 

However, a few of your guests or you might still be prone to seasickness. Hence, it will be beneficial to be ready. For this, you can keep ginger ale, ginger tea, or ginger candies aboard.

3. Create a wedding website

A wedding website can be a real asset. You can add a dress code that can combat water and wind and also add notes about predicted weather. Plus, you can also advise them to keep sunglasses and sunscreen along with a coat or sweater. 

You should also make women aware of the yacht floor or staircase that would not support stilettos, and they can opt for wedges or flats. 

4. Keep a bad-weather emergency plan ready

The thought of rain or strong wind on your wedding day might be a nightmare. However, when you have planned your wedding on a yacht, you should be ready with a plan B. 

You can ask your coordinator whether you will be able to take your celebrations indoors if something otherwise happens. 

5. Consider photography options

If your yacht size is not big enough, it might become difficult for the photographer to click formal photos. So, you can consider taking photos at another venue before starting your wedding voyage.

6. Other ceremonies you can host

Apart from your wedding, you can also celebrate a bridal shower, engagement party, rehearsal dinner, or reception on a yacht. As a result, you would not have to commit to hosting your wedding on a yacht and plan other related events. 


Marriages are one of the most noteworthy events in people’s lives. No matter if you are a bride, groom, close friend, or immediate family, the occasion will be timeless and delightful. 

So, you can make it a memorable and once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience by planning for the BIG DAY on a yacht. 

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