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Grow Your Small Business in Online With Ad Tech Company

I spent the afternoon visiting Ad Tech NY today. It was overwhelming with so many company booths to visit. I didn’t know there were these many advertising companies in the market.

My goal for this visit was to do some networking, check out the software providers for PPC management software’s, and meet affiliate marketing managers.

Most of the PPC Management software’s were for SEM Companies, but I have found a solution called Search Force which also targets advertisers like myself who manages PPC Campaigns for multiple websites. They were kind enough to do a detailed demo for me. I’m seriously considering this software now.

I have also met the CEO of a company called Hyper Bidder which has a unique ad concept. Basically, it’s an auction ad network where you bid for CPM by choosing specific sites for your campaigns, and your bid gets you the exposure. They have a patent pending technology and their slogan is; “The higher the bid, the more frequent the ad is served.” I’m definitely planning to give them a try.

Even though we are in the industry and we try to follow everything online, sometimes you need to meet the people face to face, and exchange business cards. You will definitely get some new updates from the industry by directly speaking to the company owners, and reps.

Here are the highlights of the Ad Tech NY for me;

  • Video, and mobile advertising is becoming huge. There were so many new companies presenting.
  • All PPC Management Software Providers use Trellian (The company behind for the keyword data. I have tried Wordtracker, and Wordze. Now it’s time for me to try KeywordDiscovery.
  • I did some partnership connections with some email marketing companies which was worth the time I’ve spent.
  • A few companies weren’t interested in providing me any info about their products when they’ve figured out I’m not the guy with million dollars a month ad budget. This is something I never get. You pay high rent for these types of shows, and you don’t even want to sell your products?
  • I have spoken with some affiliate networks and it was very helpful to decide my future affiliate partnerships. Affiliate companies are the friendliest.

Overall, it was a pretty good experience, and networking for me. If you want to improve yourself and your business, you need to attend the industry related events and shows. You might be surprised how much these events might help.

Marco Polo
Marco Polo
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