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Spill Kits: Do You Know The Basics?

Many businesses deal with many liquids, and these can be everything from oils to liquids and chemicals. But any liquid, especially those stored in higher numbers, can present a high risk of spilling. These spills, depending on how hazardous the materials are, can be risky to workers, facilities and the environment if left unchecked. 

This is why all businesses that carry hazardous liquids are required by Australian law to have spill procedures in place, to both minimize the risk and clean spills in the event that they happen. To clean these spills, workplaces use spill kits. 

But do you need a spill kit? Do you know what they are? This is what this guide is for. 

What’s a Spill Kit? 

A spill kit is a kit that is put together to clean a specific type of spill. This kit contains personal protective equipment (PPE), absorbents to clean up the specific spill and ways to dispose of the absorbents safely, as well as signage and more. 

The spill kit is designed to help workers clean a spill as quickly and efficiently as possible, without any time wasted. 

The type of spill kit you need depends on the type of liquid you’re using as well as the type of spill and where it occurs. The three most common types of spill kits are general spill kits, oil spill kits and chemical spill kits.

Is There a Spill Risk at Your Workplace? 

Whenever people talk about spill kits, oil industries may come to mind, but in reality, everyone from medical institutions to workshops need spill kits. 

Before deciding if you need a spill kit or not, you need to conduct a risk assessment to discover how many hazardous materials you carry and in what quantities. Then, if your quantities are of a high enough number, you will need spill kits to match the spill, as well as appropriate amounts of spill kits placed in the right areas. 

If this sounds daunting, it’s because it’s a complicated process that needs some experience to do right. This is something offered by Spill Station Australia, they offer workplace audits to see what safety needs your workplace has. Once an audit is completed, Spill Station can help you choose the right spill kit, and provide them also. Contact them anytime for all your spill needs. 

How To Handle the Average Spill? 

When it comes to actually use the spill kit to handle a spill, it’s vital to ensure your staff are well trained. For example, you could stock the best chemical spill kit, but if your team can’t use it, it’s unhelpful. 

In short, you must: 

  •     Stock the correct spill kit for your workplace.
  •     Ensure your staff is well-trained in using the spill kit.
  •     Be aware of emergency service numbers as needed.
  •     Know how to clean the spill as per its specific instructions.
  •     Remember to put on PPE equipment. 
  •     When the kit is used, remember to re-stock it as required.
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