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How to Stop Your Neighbors from Parking in Front of Your Residence?

If you live in an unsupportive neighborhood, you might know the frustration when the neighbors constantly park their vehicles in front of your house or driveway. To make the matter worse, they park their vehicle in front of your house even when they have their driveway. If you’re facing such a situation, you might wonder how you can stop the neighbors from blocking the house entrance. 

Unfortunately, you cannot take any legal step even if they park their car in front of your home for a long time. You can ask them kindly to remove their vehicle. If kind gestures don’t work, you can file a police report against them. 

Having irresponsible neighbors who park their cars in front of other properties is too common in the United States. While you cannot sue your neighbors for such behaviors, you can take some steps that will prevent them from parking in front of your house. Check out Spacer if you need monthly parking in a city like San Francisco, and consider your options with them in terms of both price and maintenance.

How Can You Stop Them?

Even if they park their vehicles daily, you cannot sue your neighbors for parking their cars in front of your house. In other words, your neighbors have the legal right to park their vehicles in front of someone else’s home. If your neighbor starts insisting, you cannot do anything about it. 

Therefore, it all comes to the courtesy and respect that your neighbor will avoid parking their vehicles in front of your house and blocking the driveway. But not all neighbors will have the same decency or courtesy. Some will become a pain as their primary intention is to annoy you. 

In such cases, you need to discuss with your neighbors and solve the matter. You can also purchase no parking signs as they are extremely effective at letting people know that this is a no-parking zone. 

Can You Place No Parking Signs Outside Your Home?

As mentioned earlier, no parking signs would prevent anyone from parking in front of your house. Some people create the signs themselves. However, it’s suggested to purchase custom no parking signs from a reputable manufacturer as they look more professional. This will help you spread your message across the rule-breakers. 

While placing the no parking signs outside your house, make sure you choose the location wisely. The sign should be placed in such a location where everyone can read it properly. Placing the no parking sign at the entrance of your driveway is the best idea. You also need to ensure that the no parking sign is visible, clear, and legible. 

The no parking signs are undoubtedly one of the best ways to prevent people and your neighbors from parking in front of your house. 

Install Security Cameras 

This is another great way to prevent people from parking in front of your home. As per Investigate Voice, proper parking system is important. When you install security cameras, you will also be able to protect your car and house from theft or vandalism. 

The security cameras will record everything 24*7. As most high-quality security cameras come with night vision, you won’t face any problems even at the night. 

When people or your neighbors notice the security cameras, they will think twice before parking in your spot. 


These are some great ways to prevent neighbors from parking in front of your driveway. If you have any other questions, make sure you comment below to let us know.

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