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The 6 Best Writing Apps for Android

When you hear the word “writer” what comes into your mind? An old gentleman with a pair of round glasses sitting by the side of a study table bent over his rusty typewriter energetically hitting the keys and taking slow sips of his black coffee. The times have changed. And so have the writers and their practices. The only thing same in the situation is the cup of tea. Today, writing as a profession has advanced in many dimensions.

Not just in terms of how many categories you get to see within writing today, technical writing, screenplay writing, blog writing, copywriting, novel writing, essay writing, and poetry writing. But also, in terms of the tools and techniques used for it. For instance, a very naïve example would be how the writing profession, which relied only on the writers’ intellect and aesthetic sense, can now join hands with artificial intelligence (AI) to reach new realms of creativity and productivity. Take an example of Essaytize, which is the best essay writing service UK, their writers use different writing tools and apps to deliver error-free and plagiarism-free essays when students take their help.

In this article, we will discuss the role of writing apps and how they can prove to be a sign of life for your gloomy writing career. We will be taking into account, particularly the apps for android users, and enlist the 6 best writing apps that you can use to transform your writing habits completely. 

Google Docs

Google docs have overpassed all popularity polls to become the most widely used trusted writing app for the users. The fact that you can access and use this writing app irrespective of your operating system type. And create writing files that can be accessed across all the browser types makes it a very promising option for both Android and Apple users. Apart from all other amazing options for editing, formatting, and improving the consistency (style, tone, font, spacing) of your text. 

What we love the most about Google Docs is how this app automatically saves all your unsaved work. So, if there is a power disruption of human error, rest assured that you won’t lose your piece of work. Also, this app allows you to convert your word file into different formats and share it with your friends/colleagues/employers as per their preference. So, if you haven’t tried this amazing app yet, download it and transform your writing habits for good. 

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word or better known as MS Word, was there when the world was created. And it would be the last app to leave this planet when this planet is extinct. Pun intended. Since when we have found our consciousness and learned to use keyboards, MS Word has been among the most used apps/software on our desktops. The fact that this app can be accessed and downloaded across all types of PC and mobile software makes it the most downloaded and used writing app across the internet. You can synchronize this writing app with Google Drive, OneDrive, and other cloud storage services to keep your work safe and accessible from anywhere and everywhere in the world. You can use the many layouts this writing app provides you to improve your content-creating skill. 


Next up on our list is Grammarly. This application has proven to be a divine blessing for all those content writers who struggled with the grammar, spelling, punctuation, and overall health of their documents. No matter what type of problem your content has, you can always rely on Grammarly and ensure a high-quality, consistent, and grammatically sound piece of writing. Even if you lack strong grammar and want to try your hand at writing. Grammarly can help you improve slowly and gradually on your skills. Also, if you are an experienced writer who thinks he/she has a strong hand on grammar, keeping Grammarly checked will ensure 100% error-free and consistent work. 

This app comes in two versions: Grammarly and Grammarly Premium. Understandably, the paid version allows you added features of clarity, delivery, and engagement. And above all, it provides you with an originality (Plagiarism) report. You can also try the Grammarly keyboard to make a habit of writing grammatically sound text. If you are a nursing essay writing service UK and haven’t yet started to use this amazing app, you are missing out on something huge.


If you are looking for an android writing app that offers multi-dimensional assistance to you to write different types of writing like novels, screenplay, and general writing. Jotterpad could be an amazing choice. Jotterpad understands the requirements of the young generation of writers and that is why if offers exclusive features to aid their writing performance. For instance, you can use its no-distraction mode to maintain an undivided focus on your writing. Its dark mode allows you to complete your work late at night without straining your eyes and brain.

Jotterpad’s loud storage support will keep your written documents from getting lost. Moreover, if you are good at multitasking or always want to keep the reference work in front of your eyes while writing. This application’s split-screen features will be at your service. Overall, it is a pretty good option for both amateur and professional writers. You can choose from its free and paid versions according to your facility by looking at the features offered, and the price added. 


If you are a writer who is considerably well at grammar and consistency but struggles with creativity at times, this application is for you. The writer app as the name suggests can prove to be great assistance in improving the speed of your writing and also in generating and creating fresh ideas. Available free on the play store, this android app takes you directly to where you left your writing the last day without any ado. Keeping this as simple as good, the writer app will make it easier for you to convert your thoughts into writing. Its external storage enables you to download your work on SD cards and external storage devices. While its cloud storage can be utilized to keep your work safe in the drives. 

The best part about this app is that it is too simple to use.  No extra features, no added fuss. To the point and clean writing space that allows you to experiment with your thought processes. Simple features like estimated reading time and word count help you keep a check on your document size. If you are not a big fan of paying for your android writing apps and want a simpler solution for your writing that just serves the purpose, the writer app is for you. 


No prices for guessing what this android app does. If you are into story writing or novel writing, Novelist can be a good addition to your digital tool kit. This android app is available and can be downloaded free from the store. Its key features include helping you create a plot, writing your drafts, preparing a storyline, and exporting short stories and novels. You can also make a more efficient novel writing practice by creating a timeline of all the major scenes in your novel. Other additional features of this amazing app include an average text editor, google drive support, a powerful book preview feature, and multiple formatting options. Overall, it is a good consideration. 


Writing apps are the latest addition to the writers’ toolbox. While android writing apps allow you to keep a check on the overall quality of your writing. You can also use them to enhance your skillset and upgrade your capabilities. If you are looking for free android apps to improve your writing, all the above apps are worth a try. 

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