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The Things a Trucking Company Should Do Before Hiring a Driver

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Hiring a truck driver can be a daunting task. It is because you are putting a lot of responsibility on a person who will be driving your vehicle and working for you. Hiring a truck driver cannot be done without thorough research into the driver and finding everything you can. Several factors include investigation, training, and a lot more to get yourself a perfect driver for the owner operator tank jobs. A bad driver can cause accidents. A truck accident is a hassle for everyone involved. The victims can hire reputed law firms, such as Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers, that can help them with their truck accident-related problems. It is better to be prepared beforehand than panic at the last minute. 

Essential Steps Before Hiring a Truck Driver 

Before hiring a driver, a trucking company should do several things. The following are some of the most important steps to take before bringing a new driver on board. 

Check Their Driving Record 

The first and most important step for a trucking company to take before hiring a driver is to check their driving record. This should include a look at any accidents, speeding tickets, or other violations that may have occurred in the last few years. This can give employers insight into the driving habits of the individual they are considering hiring, as well as help determine if they are truly safe and reliable drivers. 

Verify Their Credentials

The next step is to verify the credentials of the prospective driver. This includes checking their CDL license and other certifications, such as endorsements or Hazmat certifications. It is also important to check the driver’s employment history to ensure that they have the experience necessary for the job. 

Perform a Background Check 

A background check should be done on any prospective driver to ensure that they have no criminal history that could be a potential problem for the trucking company. This includes a check of the National sex offender Registry and other databases to ensure that the driver does not have any disqualifying criminal convictions. 

Test for Drug Use

It is also important for a trucking company to test for drug use before hiring a driver. This can be done through a urine or saliva test, as well as through a hair follicle test. The results of the test should be kept confidential and should only be used to determine if the driver is safe and reliable to hire. 

Perform a Road Test

Finally, a trucking company needs to administer a road test to the prospective driver. This should include a test of the driver’s ability to maneuver a truck in all kinds of weather conditions, as well as their ability to follow all traffic laws. This test can help ensure that the driver is fit to drive and can help the trucking company determine if they are the right fit for the job.


By taking these steps, a trucking company can ensure that they are hiring a safe and reliable driver who is qualified for the job. Doing these things will help the company maintain a safe and professional fleet of drivers and will help to ensure that their customers are receiving the highest level of service possible. If you are unable to follow these steps, you might get caught in a lot of trouble. Even if you are stuck in a scenario where your driver has been in an accident, it is integral to have a qualified and experienced attorney to help you through this process.

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