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What is Network Marketing and What Are The Top Ten Indian Network Marketing Companies?

Currently, there are thousands of network marketing companies working globally. Nowadays, the concept of business is changing because of online business and many companies sell their products online. MLM companies mostly sell their products or goods to people using a non-salaried workforce because the network marketing companies give them a commission on selling when they become sources of selling their services. The world has become a global village due to technology and the internet and it is helping business people or multi-level marketing companies to sell products easily worldwide and to transfer their customers. In this article, we will know what is network marketing or multi-level marketing and how it works and what are top 10 network marketing companies? 

What is network marketing (MLM marketing)?

Multi-level marketing or network marketing is a commercial model that is based on individual-to-person sales made by independent agents who usually work from their homes. A business in network marketing may require you to establish an alliance of sales or business partners to help with the generation of charges in closing deals. There are numerous reputable network marketing companies, however, certain ones have been impressed by pyramid mid schemes. These may be focused less on selling to customers and more on the recruitment of salespeople, who would have to pay upfront for costly equipment in the beginning. For example, Amazon is a network marketing company that sells products using online platforms and affiliate programs. In an affiliate program people share their products and services using online resources and when people purchase using their links then they will get a commission from their purchasing.

How does network marketing happen? 

Network marketing or Multi-level marketing is working like where businesses initially recruit a team of salespersons who are passionate about their merchandise. Instead of paying their employees a salary, the companies offer to sell them the product for a lower cost and encourage them to sell it to others at the market’s full price. The money they make from these sales will go directly into their accounts. A lot of salespeople or distributors invest the money they make to purchase more items, and then go further to sell to more people, thereby increasing their earnings. Alongside encouraging them to market the product, they will also help their distributors solicit new distributors. They will get a small portion of every purchase made by their recruits which is commonly known as a downline. 

Network marketing top 10 companies.

There are many popular network marketing companies but these are the top ten Indian network marketing companies. These are names of MLM companies as keva industries, MI Lifestyle marketing, Amay, Modicare, Forever living products, Herbalife, Vestige, Asclepius wellness, and Atomy India. Every company has its acts and strategy for selling these services in the market.


Since the beginning of the Modi Group of Industries, the fundamental concept of engaging, enhancing, and enriching the lives of individuals remains the same. This philosophy has been at the core of the Modicare Foundation since it was established in the 20th century. The practice of giving back to others and transforming lives to ensure an improved, safer future has been an integral element of the Modi family’s rich legacy.

Forever living products

Living Products is a privately owned multi-level marketing company with its headquarters within Scottsdale, Arizona, that produces and markets vera-based makeups and beverages made of bee nutritional complements, as well as personal care products.


Vestige Marketing company which started its operations in 2004 has become a major direct selling company that sells top quality health and personal care products.

Atomy India

Atomy delivers high-quality goods to the general public, and its constant efforts to expand into international markets. They worked together to create an incredible achievement. It has been working since 2009.

Keva Industries 

Keva MLM has been working since 2009. It is a top Direct Selling Company dealing in the highest quality wellness, food, personal Care, Color Cosmetics, Home Care, Animal, and Agriculture products.

MI Lifestyle marketing 

MI lifestyle offers a vast variety of Lifestyle products directly to consumers and brands since 2013. It has received approval from the ministry.


A network marketing company is a big business and they follow the business model in which they do not keep salesmen for products but they give a commission or percentage to a person who sells their products and it depends on how much he/she does sell. In India, there are top ten network marketing companies and they also provide various services and products to customers using a business model.

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