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Types of Industrial Pallet Racking Systems for Warehouse Storage

The most widely used and adaptable kind of industrial pallet racking now in use is a variant of Store-Rite Redirack system. When 100% access to every pallet is needed and pallet quantities per SKU are subject to fluctuation over time, single selected pallet racking is the best option. Any pallet can be “put away” or “retrieved” at any time by an operator.

New Redirack Racking

Store-Rite in Mississauga provides the largest inventory and largest assortment of NEW Redirack type pallet racking for heavy-duty vertical storage. A wide variety of Redirack components such as frames, beams, safety bars, wire mesh decks, post protectors, row end guards, shims, and floor anchors are included.

Pallet Racking at Warehouse

Store-new Rite’s Redirack and Teardrop pallet racks come directly from the manufacturer, which is why hundreds of big 3PL warehouses in North America depend on them. Store-Rite provides cutting-edge racking materials with expert installation, engineering, and CAD layout services.

When you hire us, our experts will collaborate closely with you:

When it comes to the construction of your custom storage solution, you can be certain that Store-Rite will adhere to the highest of standards. The following factors should be taken into account when choosing a racking system:

Details on the goods being kept in storage, including their sizes and weights.

  • The available space in which to set up the rack.
  • What kind of material handling tools will be used?
  • Specific requests from the client with regards to stock turnover, order fulfillment, and future expansion.

Use Store-Rite Pallet Racking Systems to Make the Most of Your Storage Area

No matter how big or small your industrial or storage space planning needs are, our team of experts is here to help. 

Store-Rite has more than 40 years of expertise in the sector, so you can trust that it will positively affect the results of your project. As a company, we are dedicated to providing excellent service at reasonable prices.

During the time that the installation is taking place, Store-Rite will do its best to make sure that your company’s operations experience as little disruption as possible. Our skilled racking installation personnel are all equipped with the proper qualifications and safety gear for working at heights, and they are ready to give you a fast and efficient installation of Store-Rite racking systems, regardless of how big or little they may be.

Regardless of your storage requirements, you can trust that Store-Rite will suggest the best racking solution.

Your storage design specialist will examine several factors when designing a pallet rack arrangement for your organization, including the kind of inventory to be held, its weight and size, and how to maximize inventory accessibility and rotation.

Selective Pallet Racking:

Simple and effective warehouse storage begins with selective pallet racks. Simply using frames and beams, this racking system is quite simple. At any given moment, you can go to any single one of the available pallets. All palletized goods must be accessible by forklift aisles.

Double Deep Pallet Racking:

Since there are now more pallets than available space, double-deep pallet racks should be considered.

Utilization may be increased by as much as 50% if you go double deep.

The principle of double-deep racking is “first in, last out.”

Push Back Pallet Racking:

High-density Push-Back Pallet Racking uses rails to guide pallet loads on carts. Each load “pushes” prior loads up to 5+ deep and 5+ high. Push-back follows first-in-last-out racking system.

Pallet Flow Racking:

The only other non-motorized FIFO solution for high density racking is Pallet Flow Racking. In order to facilitate the transition from loading to picking, pallet flow makes use of upgraded roller lanes.

Drive in Racking:

Drive-in racking uses application-specific lift equipment to stack pallets on tracks up to 10+ deep and 5+ high. First-in-last-out drive-in racking.

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