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What In My Classroom Needs UV Light Sanitization

Ultraviolet and violet blue lights have germicidal potential and can help keep schools safer by eliminating everyday pathogens. The best UV light sanitizer for school environments can prevent the overgrowth of germs, viruses, and bacteria. Schools can use specific UV light fixtures to provide autonomous disinfection when the classroom is unoccupied. Portable UV fixtures are also available for hard-to-reach spaces and blind spots. 

5 Classroom Things That Need UV Light Sanitization 

You can use a UV light sanitizer to disinfect various fixtures, devices, and spaces in classrooms. Each classroom has different items, but most have basic things, like desks/chairs, tables, walls, ceilings, light fixtures, doors, and handles. Some of the fixtures receive high traffic while others are barely touched. Here are five classroom areas and things that can benefit from a UV light sanitizer for school settings:

1. Chairs & Desks

Classroom chairs, lockers, and desks are exposed to germs and pathogenic microbes. Students spend more time seated with arms/hands on the tables and lockers. The chairs, tables, and desks are high-traffic fixtures that can spread pathogens. Overhead UV light systems can provide autonomous disinfection when the classroom isn’t occupied. 

Such lights can kill up to 99.9% of Salmonella, MRSA, E. coli, C. diff., C. Auris, Norovirus, and coronavirus. Schools can program the UV lights to sanitize chairs and desks during breaks, at night, and any other time the room is unoccupied. Autonomous sanitization makes sure the desks and chairs are clean, pathogen-free, and ready for use.

2. Doors, Handles, & Windows

Classroom doors and windows allow light and fresh air inside while providing an outlet for exhaled air. They’re also frequently handled to regulate temperature, wind, and more. Students will open and close classroom windows and doors at different times, exposing them to spreading pathogens. The frequently contacted handles can provide a medium for spreading pathogenic microbes.

Schools can use UV light sanitizers to cleanse doors, windows, and handles of germs, viruses, bacteria, and other infectious microbes. The board can implement fixed sanitizers or leverage portable UV light models to reach the interior and exterior parts. UV sanitizers are effective and can kill most pathogens on classroom doors, windows, frames, and handles.

3. Walls, Floors, & Ceilings

Classroom walls and floors can harbor pathogenic microbes and require scheduled cleaning. Schools can invest in UV light sanitizers to kill bacteria and viruses to reduce the chances of spreading pathogens. The cleaning team can focus on removing stains, dust, and dirt, while the sanitizers will kill infection-causing microbes. Overhead UV light fixtures can sanitize walls and floors with ease.

Ceilings and light fixtures require UV light sanitizers installed at angled locations. The units can be installed on one side of the wall to cast UV light on the ceiling and light bulbs. Targeting all fixtures and spaces in the classroom is the best way to reduce the overall population of pathogenic microbes. UV light sanitizers provide round-the-clock disinfection for floors, walls, and classroom spaces.

4. Laptops, Tablets, & Desktops

Schools can disinfect classroom laptops, desktops, and tablets with UV light sanitizers. Many students share and touch such devices, increasing the risk of spreading infections. The oil and dirt buildup provides breeding conditions for bacteria and microbes. UV light sanitizers can eliminate most germs and pathogens.

UV light sanitizers for school settings are the ideal solution for disinfecting laptops, tablets, and computers. Conventional disinfectants are liquid-based and abrasive, so they can easily damage electronics. UV light eliminates pathogens without any harsh chemicals. Pathogens also have no chance of becoming immune to germicidal UVC light sanitizers.

5. Laboratory Tools & Equipment 

UV and violet blue light sanitizers can disinfect lab equipment, tools, samples, and specimen. Beakers, burners, test tubes, and other illustration tools and equipment are exposed to germs and pathogens whenever they’re used. Since different groups and students use the tools, frequent cleaning and disinfection are necessary.

UV light sanitizers are a safe way to disinfect lap tools, equipment, and specimens. Unlike abrasive chemicals and bleaches, UV light is gentle on the tools and equipment. Schools can use UV light systems to keep laboratory equipment clean and safe for the next use. The lamps can eliminate different types of viruses, bacteria, and parasites.

Using UV Light Sanitizer for School Settings

Classroom settings are exposed to dirt, dust, and different pathogenic microbes. Using a UV light sanitizer for school settings can keep the population of viruses and bacteria low. UV light disinfection is also chemical free and eliminates the need for harsh bleaches. Choose reputable brands with reliable UV disinfectant systems, user-friendly designs, and safety controls.

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