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What Is Normative Approach of Stakeholder Theory

Stakeholder theory reflects a significant role in the modernized business morals. It is basically a theory of management of organization and business ethics that lay emphasis on values as well as on morals, which are prime factors in organizing the organization.

In order to elevate the shareholder value in uneven time period, special emphasis needs to be laid on the prime relationship of the stake holder. As a matter of fact, the good stakeholder management renders a lucid instrumental value for those firms working as wise management of firms’ operating environments. Instrumental value also inculcates proper management which is truly exhibited through their relationship with the stakeholders.

Now let us constrain some key aspects which define outline and relationships between facts and figures. Stakeholder theory as a reference outlines the exact relationship between certain facts as well as figures and also its conceptualization. The instrumental approach is ground of the theory of organization and renders nourishment in comparative model of organization, by answering the queries of who are working with the firm. It is basically a subset of comprehensive project that focuses on the relationship of the organization and group, both as its foundation and norm. Though, Stakeholder management contributes to major part of strategy of a company but it in no way is linked to oblige that strategy. The direct effects model determines attitude and action of various managers in response to the stakeholders. In fact, it directly affects the firm’s fiscal performance, and its independence from the corporate strategy. Stakeholder theory is just a way to reach the finished line; it describes the way through which something can be achieved by doing something else. However, the goal of firm is not aimed at attaining solely the stakeholder’s welfare but also in growth of interests of the shareholders too.

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