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Where to Get Funding For Business Startup

Before the internet era, finding a VC or an angel investor for your business plan was hard. You needed a great business plan with an innovative product, and also connections to those VC (Venture Capital) companies.

With the starting of internet era, funding game has shifted from big projects to smaller ones. We have been hearing so many success stories of startup companies which started in the founders’ basements.

I have been following a startup called and I believe they have achieved their goal. Funding Universe is a meeting place for investors and entrepreneurs. Currently, there are over 16.000 entrepreneurs and almost 5.000 business plans available for over 700 investors liking.

Paul Allen, Founder of Provo Labs, is the Co-Founder of FundingUniverse. Paul Allen, a successful Utah based businessman, also writes one of my favorite blogs. This brings the whole trust factor for me, and I believe Funding Universe will be one of the major sources for funding startup companies.

If you are an entrepreneur with some great ideas and a solid business plan, start browsing Funding Universe, and good luck finding the dream startup funding for your startup.

Marco Polo
Marco Polo
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