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Why Everyone Needs a Standing Desk

From middle schoolers to high-level executives, everyone from almost all age groups can benefit from using a standing desk these days.  In case you are not familiar with standing desks, know that these are height-adjustable desks which can be used comfortably while standing or sitting and you can buy this sit stand desk for sale online. As to why anyone would even want to own a stand-up desk, that’s what we are going to discuss next.

Decreasing Chances of Obesity

People who spend a majority of their day sitting are at a significantly higher risk of becoming overweight. It is possible to lower your chance of gaining excess weight by simply shifting to a height-adjustable standing desk. Test results confirm the fact that, even if you remain stationary for long hours while standing at a desk, you burn considerably more calories than you do while sitting for the same duration of time at a desk.

Decreasing Chances of Heart Disease and Diabetes

A clear link has been established between heart disease and the sedentary lifestyle of people who spend a lot of their time sitting in front of a desk daily. The need to use a computer is the leading reason behind their sedentary lifestyle, as identified by almost all test participants. Working, studying, and gaming are the three primary uses, as confirmed by the same participants. Similar tests also confirm a clear link between increased risk of diabetes and spending too many hours sitting in front of a desk, whatever the reason may be.

Do Kids Benefit from Stand-Up Desks as Well?

Contrary to popular belief, everyone from all age groups (above ten) can develop chronic/temporary back pain simply by sitting for too many hours per day. In fact, children who experience occasional backpain from an early age will see the intensity of their pain grow more severe with time, unless they make a few important posture and habit adjustments. Additionally, all the other potentially negative health impacts of sitting for too many hours that were previously discussed, do affect teens and young adults as well.

Given how many hours children spend online studying, gaming, and socializing nowadays, parents cannot neglect their children’s susceptibility to illnesses and obesity anymore. Since they are still kids, they have an advantage that older age groups may not though.

Children can easily avoid or get rid of all negative health impacts of sitting for too long, at a much faster rate and with greater ease, as compared to adults. Check out these sit-stand kids computer desks which also double as office computer desks for adults. This versatility is made possible through the use of a pneumatic control unit that allows users to make instant, height adjustments. 

Note that children under the age of ten should not experience severe backpain under normal circumstances. If they do, immediate medical consultation is advised. Sometimes, backpain in young children can be indicative of infectious diseases such as osteomyelitis, pyelonephritis, retroperitoneal infection, and discitis. Other possible, but very rare causes of back pain in young children include benign/malign tumors, and congenital conditions such as scoliosis.

To make sure you’re not getting mediocre standing desk, try checking out specialized businesses like Up Down Desk. They should carry every variation you might need.

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