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WunderTrading: Smart Crypto Trading Automation Platform

Does it matter whether the platform you are using has a diverse lineup of versatile, highly adaptable products? Of course, it does! WunderTrading is a platform that offers a host of benefits to its users. It is a state-of-the-art web service that provides a valuable offering to thousands of retail crypto traders — an opportunity to be ahead of the market and use the most advanced technology to enhance their investment endeavors.

Among many companies that offer crypto automation products, WunderTrading stands out thanks to its amazing arsenal of interesting preset templates like DCA bots, GRID bots, and copy trading. It is a great platform to work on because it is a smart service that can adapt to any market situation by offering a unique solution to any set of circumstances. It will be a great tool during both bearish and bullish trends in the crypto market!

How does automated crypto investing work?

The current evaluation of the crypto industry is $1 trillion which is much lower compared to its peak ($3 trillion). The consequences of the so-called crypto winter are quite harsh, but with adaptive automation, you can be profitable even during bear trends. The idea behind using bots is that the market can be successfully predicted by using technical analysis techniques.

Thanks to various derivatives like perpetual futures, you can make money by shorting the market even when the whole crypto industry is contracting under external pressures like the global recession, strict regulations, and uncertainty. On the other hand, many crypto enthusiasts are using digital assets as a hedging mechanism against inflation and other vulnerabilities of fiat currencies.

A contemporary crypto automation bot can be used to generate profit in both scenarios. There are several types of bots and each has a unique purpose:

  • DCA buying and selling. This approach works perfectly during periods of market volatility when prices are jumping up and down unpredictably. While you cannot guess the overall trend, you can expect that the price will try to correct itself. It allows you to use a series of purchases during a short-term bearish trend to accumulate resources and liquidate them at a favorable moment. You can also use DCA buying without taking profit orders to simply accumulate a large position on the spot market.
  • GRID bots are the distributed cost average approach in the same way but place a take profit order right after creating a buy order. In theory, it allows you to make every order profitable and immediately liquidate positions that do not have a chance of earning you money.
  • Social trading can be used by beginners who do not know much about crypto but want to invest in this rapidly expanding industry. Many experienced professionals know what to do even during periods of complete uncertainty. You can follow their example and copy their orders. 

An adaptive automated crypto platform will provide instruments for all these purposes. The WunderTrading website has a multitude of preset templates and scriptwriting tools that facilitate the creative approach to investing and building sophisticated strategies that can bring profits even during periods of overall instability in the market.

How to automate crypto trading

One of the biggest advantages of this automation vendor is that it has a very straightforward approach to designing its workflow allowing retail traders to quickly jump into the action without wasting any time. You can start using advanced products immediately after creating a new account. Connect your CEX account (Binance, FTX, OKX, and 11 more exchanges are supported by WunderTrading) and launch your first bot within minutes.

Since you can utilize user-tested strategies that are published and featured on the TradingView platform, you can easily build the best automated crypto bot by creating a custom script with alerts from TradingView. Simply follow the tutorial that you can find on the official website of WunderTrading and implement reliable alerts in your trading routines. It is smart crypto investing 101: use great ideas generated by smart people who spent effort and dedication to come up with something that works!

Depending on the market situation, you can choose a strategy that works best in certain circumstances. The forum on the TradingView platform is a good place to look for tips and tricks written by experienced power users. At the same time, the automation platform will provide the necessary instruments to create a responsive strategy that will react to very specific inputs. By combining the collective knowledge of the retail trader community and the power of adaptive automation, you will avoid risks and create a profitable system!

Should you use a crypto automation bot?

A human trader will never outperform a well-designed bot. The problem is not in the ability to make correct predictions or any other superficial reason. The problem is that when it comes to crypto, automated trading strategies are just better at maintaining a certain level of productivity around the clock and making decisions based on cold calculations which are better in the long run than investing based on your gut feeling!

WunderTrading has a free plan that you can use without investing any money. It is a great way to receive first-hand experience and learn how to implement this powerful tool in your investment plans! You can always try this platform in a demo mode and decide for yourself whether you want to use bots on a regular basis.

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