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4 Things to Look for in a Great Content Marketing Agency

Nowadays, having a solid digital presence is imperative for businesses. Therefore, hiring the best content marketing agency is a wise investment to manage the company’s content. Each content agency has a unique team to deliver landing pages, blog posts, infographics, and other types of content.

Finding the right content marketing agency is quite a task given the sheer number of agencies operating today. Not all content agencies work the same way, therefore, you have to hire the one that suits your business needs.

4 Things to Look for in a Great Content Marketing Agency 

As the name implies, the main objectives of the content agency are to create content, spread positive brand messages, and work on the marketing initiatives for the created content.

The first step of the selection process is understanding the business needs and requirements. Identify what you want to achieve through the content and your expectations from the agency. 


It is important to find a small business content marketing agency that is familiar with your niche and has previously worked on it. For instance, if you are a dentist looking to attract new business, it would be foolish to go to a marketing firm that specializes in B2B. 

Instead, look for a marketing firm that specializes in marketing dental clinics and knows the ins and outs of the industry. 

If you hire a content agency without paying attention to the niche, you will get content that does not cut through. On top of that, it would be hard to make them understand the intricacies of the products or services.

Previous Work

However, this is an obvious thing to consider when selecting a content agency, but it still gets overlooked. Even if you get a good vibe from the agency, do not be hesitant to see samples of their work and testimonials from the actual clients.

Many quality content services provide samples of previous work up front, without you having to ask for it. Most content marketing agencies share previous campaigns on their website for potential clients to see and assess. In short, choose an agency with a proven track record and actual reviews from former clients.

SEO Skill Set

One of the main objectives of the content agency is to optimize the company’s website to be ranked on Google. SEO plays a key role in optimizing the content, therefore, assess the SEO skill set of the content marketing agency before hiring one.

At the very least, they should conduct keyword research, competitor analysis, and audit the existing web content.

Assess Team members 

When doing an agency search, do not forget to assess the team members to see if they have the expertise to achieve the company’s goals. If you want to generate traffic through several means, ensure that the staff is equipped with the right skills to do so.

Make sure that the team has adequate SEO knowledge to optimize content. Also, they are competent enough to work with marketing professionals without making a cultural faux pas.

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Marco Polo
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