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Tips and Best Practices for WordPress Web Design

Discover WordPress tips and best practices to make your website stand out. Designing a website is more than just aesthetic considerations. The developer has to take into account other factors such as ease of use, branding, mobile readiness, and navigation.

After considering all the elements, you will end up designing a website with great visual appeal and functionality. If you are joining the WordPress family, here are some tips and tricks you need to learn.

Tips and Best Practices for WordPress Web Design

Like it or loathe it, designing is a vital part of website development and contributes a lot to keep the visitors engaged. Following tips and tricks for WordPress beginners will help you get off on the right foot.

Stay Updated with the New Design Trend

It’s well worth your while to keep up with the latest trends and know what’s hot in order to stay current. Many trends have become popular including parallax scrolling, material design, and card-based design. 

A developer can increase visual engagement by following a few simple good design rules. Being familiar with the latest trends is a good way to improve overall design sensibility.

Choose a Compelling Color Palette

A color palette is more crucial than you think and help draw the visitors’ attention to the important content. Brand colors can also be incorporated into the website theme and layout. However, using tons of colors while designing is not advisable. The best way to colorize a site is to use limited with about two main colors.

Good White Space Use

Effective use of white space is the most time-tested way of making your website look substantially sleeker. Combined with other web design tricks like i do when hiring WordPress web design Perth it makes your site look polished. 

Do not fill too much information in a smaller space or leave it empty as it will make the website look disorganized. Seek for a fine balance when using the white space. The primary purpose of using white space is to highlight important images, videos, and headlines.

Fonts and Typography

Many developers underestimate the importance of fonts and typography. It is just not right to use plain Helvetica or Verdana to impress visitors. In the old days, developers had access to a limited set of fonts. 

Nowadays, the developer can use a variety of font plugins to find the perfect font that suits the brand. Before choosing any font, check its readability on desktop and mobile. 

Optimize For Speed

All the efforts you put into designing will go into the drain if the website takes too long to load. Website visitors make astonishingly quick decisions about whether they want to stay on the website if it is slow.

Moreover, it is important to note that the developer should not sacrifice visual quality, rather, look for ways to optimize the WordPress website. 

In Summary

Undoubtedly, the website’s appearance plays a significant role to engage visitor. However, consider other elements and update the website periodically to keep the visitors coming back.

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