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5 Tips To Using A Standing Desk Correctly

Standing desks have seen a huge increase in popularity over the past few years. With more people opting for office-based jobs now more than ever before, standing desks have become an essential tool in the workplace.

Yet there are no strict rules about how to best utilize a standing desk or any suggestions for ways to reduce the strain on your muscles as you work. These are important if you want to maximize all of the benefits associated with one of these flexible desks.

Here are our top tips for using Standing desks correctly.

1. Use Proper Arm Supports

Arm supports are soft padded surface areas that can be attached to your desk. It works to prevent your arms from feeling too much pressure which could result in severe pain. It also reduces imminent pressure on the wrist of the hand you use to operate your mouse.

Any type of arm support is essential as part of your day-to-day routine if you often experience twinges of pain or discomfort while you work, or want to prevent it from occurring. Luckily, a standing desk gives you the space you need to elevate and move your arms about whenever you need to.

2. Make Adjustments To Your Desk And Screen

Making sure that your desk height and computer screen are positioned correctly will do wonders for minimizing the risk of injury! Not only that but it will be a great way to improve your comfort.

You can begin by setting your standing desk at elbow height with your elbows positioned at a 90-degree position. This will make sure that you can access all of the necessary equipment while providing your body with the support you need.

It’s recommended that you set your screen so it is tilted upwards between 10 and 20 degrees and positioned between 20 and 28 inches away from your face. General guidelines are that the distance between you and your computer screen should be more than the distance from your elbow to the tip of your middle finger.

3. Change The Position Of Your Mouse And Keyboard

One of the big downsides of working from a desk all day is that the long hours typing away at a computer can leave a huge strain on your wrists, causing a multitude of issues. It’s extremely important to optimize the positioning of your wrist when you are sitting or standing at a standing desk.

Try to arrange your set-up so your wrists are tilted upwards or a little bit more extended than they would be behind a seated desk. This is pretty important if you want to limit or prevent wrist discomfort and pain.

When using a standing desk, make sure to keep your mouse and keyboard at the same level and keep your wrists straight when you type. If you are still experiencing wrist discomfort, you can invest in some gel mouse pads and an adjustable keyboard stands for additional support.

4. Alternate Between Sitting And Standing

Sitting too much has proven to have many awful effects on your health like increased blood pressure and weight gain. Yet that does not mean that you should swap it out for standing on your feet all day!

There have been some strong proven links between increased exposure to lower back pain and standing occupations like grocery store clerks or bank tellers. Standing on your feet all day in these roles is also terrible for your leg muscles and, in the worst-case scenario, could result in varicose veins.

By alternating between sitting and standing, you are reducing the risk of these health issues occurring. Try to alternate your movement every 30 to 60 minutes.

5. Take Breaks

Most importantly, you must make sure to take breaks! 

Much like being seated for long periods, your muscles may lock in place if you stand in one position for too long. So, make sure to schedule a time to rest your eyes, stretch your muscles, and clear your mind every working day.

These breaks may come more naturally to some people than others. If you are someone who struggles with taking breaks, set an hourly reminder to give your mind and body the break they so desperately need. Feel free to set a timer on your phone or download an app specifically for this purpose.


Using a standing desk is all about ensuring your comfort. By using gel padding for your wrists, setting things at a particular angle, and taking frequent breaks, you’ll love your new standing desk life!

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