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Does It Matter Where Your Digital Marketing Agency Is Located?

A common concern for new businesses tapping into search engine optimization is where their prospective SEO company is based. Do you have to be in the same city? Or even the same country? In this article we’ll take a closer look. 

Reputation & results precedes location

Ultimately, your main concern should be reputation and results. It doesn’t necessarily matter where an SEO company is based so long as they are authentic and they have the case studies and client testimonials to support their legitimacy. 

You could work with a local SEO company, but just the fact that they are located down the road from you doesn’t necessarily make them any more trustworthy than an SEO company in another state – or indeed a different country. 

Again, take your time to research reputable agencies that have a proven track record of success, and then go from there. 

If they’re located next door to you, even better! 

Many don’t have a physical office 

There are many new SEO companies that do not actually have a physical office. This can be very off-putting for some people as it feels as though the agency can’t be properly established if they don’t have bricks and mortar. 

This isn’t necessarily the case. The fact is, all of the tasks involved with search engine optimization can be done remotely. You don’t need to be in the same office to shorten a URL or build a link, just as you don’t need to be in the same country to sit on a video conference call and discuss your ongoing strategy. 

As such, some modern agencies without offices are opting to save money by not renting or owning office space / commuting to and from an office, and investing these savings into their clients instead. 

Again, in this case, you should go on reputation and results. Don’t be put off entirely by the prospect of working with an SEO company that doesn’t have an office – or indeed if they are located overseas. As long as they communicate well with you, are available whenever you want to video chat, and have a plethora of previous clients who can stand testament to their authenticity, then you shouldn’t run into too many problems. 


So, in conclusion, does it matter where your SEO agency is based? No – not necessarily. Certainly, working with an Indian SEO company could put you at a disadvantage if they do not have any US citizens working for them. As a US-based business, it always helps to have writers and strategists that understand the average American consumer. However, from a cost perspective, the cheaper labor could mean a lower monthly spend. 

Again, it’s all about weighing up the pros and cons – with a focus on reputation and results. 

In any case, if you are a San Diego based business, working with a San Diego SEO company would be preferable. Having more in common with your account manager and being close enough to meet for a coffee certainly has its benefits – particularly if you are looking to work with a third-party SEO company over the long term.

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