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Food Review: OPTP Have the Best Deals for Burgers In Town

Small self-service restaurants are the new trend in Karachi for burgers— order at the counter, wait for your food to be done, grab it, and enjoy it in your car. Classic burger combinations, odd names based on American pop culture, and an array of secret sauces are generally on the menus.

However one can never compete the classic at location experience, OPTP is one such eatery that had opened its first outlet a while back. But what makes them different from any other burger joint in Pakistan is the OPTP classic deal system. You can easily get a big discount while feeding your family with the best deals from this burger joint. 

Initially open only for dinner only, they now make food to satisfy the hunger pangs of their customer for most of the day- from 12 pm to 2 am. 

However they have quite small outlets with an order counter at one end, and space for about 20 people in total. The ambiance is the classic red and white that gives a rather contemporary look. 

The menu

Their menu is huge with burgers, pizzas, fried chicken, and hand cut fries, wings, nuggets, deals and kids menu. However one thing needs to get a mention here, they only serve chicken as their meat. The joint has also experimented with biryani that was a total fail and was discontinued later on. However their new pizza addition is enjoyed by many. 

Their fries are the most sold thing on the menu and have a few options, which are:

  • Plain fries
  • Masala fries
  • BBQ fries
  • Garlic Mayo fries
  • Hot Garlic Mayo fries
  • Cheddar cheese fries
  • Loaded Pizza fries

An insider’s tip: If you plan to get any of their saucy fries that is all but 1st and 2nd option, do get a side of plain fries as they don’t shy away from saucing your fries, so it will be adequate for both serving. 


We ordered our food through the savyour website as it gives us 10% back on ordering OPTP from their and frankly I have been collecting these cashbacks on the website to get a gift for my husband on our anniversary. I just hope that I save enough money. 

Their most recent items on their menu is the ‘Nashville Hot burger’ – so we planned to order that, along with a ‘Premium family bag’, loaded pizza fries and a plain fries as sides.

We received our order within 45 minutes that is even earlier than the 60 minutes time slotted on the app and we couldn’t be happier. Picking it up from the delivery man, we sat down and dug in.


Enclosed in a soft freshly made burger bun, The ‘Nashville burger’ was all about the spice and the taste ummm, I can reminisce the flavor as I think about this writing this review topped with ice burg lettuce, tomatoes and cheese, with just the perfect proportion of crunch to not hurt your gums. The sauce was put in just the correct amount, bringing out the flavor without making the burger bun mushy.

The only con was that the burger was comparatively small so I was thankful that we have ordered a good amount of food.

A crisp batter fried breast piece of chicken, lettuce, and some mayo comprised the ‘2 southern Zing burgers,’ that we ordered in the OPTP deal. However, the fillets were well fried. The chicken was crunchy but not greasy, and it didn’t have a weird aftertaste. So kudos to that. 

The downside? The sauce was basic, and could have been improved with something anything even a tinge of black pepper.

The ‘Loaded Pizza Fries’ were made up of fries slathered in a garlic mayo sauce with mushrooms, cheese and some bits and pieces of chicken. Instead of a conventional paper box, these would have looked much better in a plastic packaging; the presentation would have been lot better, and the sauce would not have messed the bottom.

The fries seems fresh and lacked that frozen look that many other burger joints opt for. The cheese was melted perfectly giving it that stringy, gooey taste and complimented the garlic mayo sauce. 

The grilled burger in the deal was my least favorite item, if I say that this wouldn’t even fill a 5 year old’s stomach, it wouldn’t be wrong. But the taste did make up for the small-ness of the burger. It was grilled well and had that smoky touch which many ‘grilled burgers’ lack.  

The verdict

What distinguishes OPTP from fast food franchises is the vast variety of chicken burgers focusing on local favorites, fresh ingredients, freshly baked buns, and a strong value-for-money.

Costing Rs450 for a Nashville Hot Burger, and Rs 2,350 for the OPTP family deal with 4 delicious bugers jumbo fries and a 1 liter drink, it is cheaper than the foreign counterpart.

Rating (4.6 out of 5)

Food: 4.5 | Service: 3.5 | Value for money: 4

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