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How to Get More Discord Members – 7 Tips to Boost Your Serve

You have just created an interesting server on Discord, and you are supposed to start having huge traffic to your server, getting members to join your server and experience engaging activities. But then, the reverse is the case. You hardly see anyone joining your server, and you feel like giving up. All you need right now is to boost your server, but you need to know how to get Discord members to join your growing community. Relax. This article is mainly for you to learn how to grow your discord server. We have professionally simplified everything you need to grow your Discord members easily. Here are effective tips for growing your server and becoming a big influencer on the Discord app.

7 Tips On How to Get Discord Members

Before going straight to share tips on how to get Discord members to your server, you need to know that you can make money on Discord when you have successfully grown your server. Big influencers on Discord share products related to their niche, and because of their strong reputations and trustworthiness, they get good results and other exciting benefits. As a beginner, you can stay encouraged. You can as well grow your server on Discord and become big too. All you need to do is apply these 7 tips on how to boost your server. Then you will start seeing good results too.

1. Build on the Right Brand

Building the right brand for your niche cannot be overemphasized. In the digital space, branding is not a new topic. Your logo and title should be able to stand out and give a special attraction enough for users on Discord to get curious and want to know more about your server. Your server theme message should be integrated into your logo and title description. This would cause people of the same interest to easily find you and join your server.

2. Stir Up Lasting Engagements on Your Server

If you want your Discord server booming with members, you should have no dull moment in your space. Do everything possible to keep your server engaged. Members on Discord love fun activities, so you have to give them to them constantly as the admin or moderator. It is not just about getting your server engaged but getting them engaged with exciting and interesting activities/events. There are different ways you can keep up with lovely activities on your server. One of the easiest things to do is to start an organic chat activity in English. Start conversations that stir up good engagement. Utilize Gifs, text decorations, and emojis to grab attention. Conversations raised should be related to your niche. Only bring up a topic that connects with your reason for setting up the channel. You might kill members’ interest in your channel and risk losing them. The right engagement will lead to a boom, and your channel will grow faster than expected.

3. Implement the Use of Bots

Generally, when the word “bot” is used in the digital space, many individuals frown at it, thinking it’s bad. This is different on the Discord app. There are bots on Discord that can help you do several things to make your server an interesting and informative community. MEE6, Dyno, and Onyx are popular bots that can help you create GIFs and memes and make searches on YouTube. You can search for bots that will help simplify your work on your server. Utilizing bots will help you improve your server and boost your members. 

4. Promote Your Discord Server on Social Media

Social Media platforms are one easy and free way of drawing traffic to your server. Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and the like have several services and millions of users that can help you expose your server across their platforms. In addition, many Discord creators use the Reddit platform to lead people to their Discord server. This method is especially effective and easy to do. Some subreddits are specially dedicated to Discord servers. However, you should keep one fact in mind: the content on your server is the attraction that will convert visiting users to members. If your content needs to be more convincing, you will only get visitors who will eventually go the way they came.

5. Gain Traction by Organizing Exciting Events

How to get Discord members now should be easy for you at this point if you are applying these tips deliberately. In continuation, to get improved engagement on your Discord server, you have to organize events. A boring server will never grow. You can come up with competitions, quizzes, daily polls, and game nights; you can also go as far as collaborations with other servers to drive engagement. Good engagement drives members to join your server. As simple as setting a question of the day can cause positive effects on your server. With this exciting tip, you can get members flooding your channel daily.

6. Stay Put on A Topic

Every server on Discord is related to one niche or the other. Your server has its specific niche, and the worst thing you could do to harm your server introduces a topic unrelated to your brand. Some creators may think covering several subjects effectively gets members to join their server. You would end up shooting yourself in the foot. So stay focused on topics related to your niche. People get attracted to Discord servers that deal with niche topics. Getting a topic may seem difficult at first. But when you start getting used to this, you will not believe how effective it will turn out for your server. 

7. Make Use of A Reliable Paid Service

Growing your Discord server is an investment on its own. You may only have part of the time to follow these tips step by step, as discussed. So if you cannot grow your server on your own, you can use paid services. Using paid services ensures you get the traction you need with little stress. You can buy Discord members and, at the same time, keep up with growing your server organically. This will improve your server and get the right members you are looking for.


Using any or each of the tips listed above will give you the results you require on your Discord server. How to get Discord members requires lots of time and effort, combined with patience. Some extra tips for growing your members on Discord include listing your server in Discord directories, telling people about your channel everywhere you go and do not fail to welcome new members when they join your server. With these tips, we hope you can grow your Discord server massively.

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