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How to Make Oil on Canvas Painting from Your Photo

Have you ever thought about what your photos would look like if you transform them into oil paintings? Sounds interesting.

Surely you can do this job with your hands as well but it will take a couple of days to completely dry then why not opt for a better method? In this article, we will explain how you can perform this work with BeFunky’s Oil Painting effects. Let’s get started.

Making oil on Canvas Painting

Have you just finished custom paint by numbers kits and now you want to convert it into oil painting but don’t know how to do it? By following the below-mentioned steps, you can successfully perform this work.

1- Open the Photo Editor

The first step required in this process is to upload your image to the Photo Editor so that you can use BeFunky’s Oil Painting effects. Simply go to the editor and you will see the option ‘open’ that you need to click in order to use befunky effects. To upload the picture there you have to sign up first so make an account.

2- Use Editing Tool for Basic Edits

Before using oil painting effects, you need to do basic editing so that your picture is all set to convert into oil painting. Once you have uploaded the picture you can find the ‘edit’ option from the sidebar. After clicking you will see different editing tools including crop, rotate, resize, background, exposure, etc. If you want to resize the picture, you can add the size in the bar according to the requirements.

Similarly, you can enhance the exposure or change the background to what better suits you. Once you are sure, the picture is all set, click the ‘apply’ option. If you want to edit altogether, you can also use the option ‘A.I Image enhancer.

3- Use Oil Painting Effect

Now your picture has been fully edited and the size and exposure have been set, you can now use the oil painting effect. From the sidebar, click on the ‘Touchup’ option where you will find the ‘artsy’ sub-option. Here you can quickly find different styles of oil painting pictures. Different categories will be shown on your screens among which you have to select ‘Oil painting.’

You can preview each oil painting effect so that you know what your photo will look like as a final product. After applying the effect, you can also enhance or decrease the brightness and exposure according to your wish. You will find the ‘setting’ option that will let you do more editing. It will also allow you to remove the oil painting effect from some parts of the photo.

4- Save the Image

After clicking the ‘apply’ option, you can save the image from the ‘save’ option given at the top of the editor. You have different options to save the image including a computer, Befunky, google photos, etc. You can choose what better suits you.

Whether you have made a painting by using paint by numbers canvas or a simple painting kit used to draw an image, you can turn any picture into an oil painting with this editor tool that is free of cost. Only sign up and you will be able to use all the tools. I hope this guide will help you make oil on Canvas paintings from your Photo.

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