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How to Make Stylish Clothes for Your Teddy Bear

Stuffed animals are known for their unparalleled adorability and for spreading love and light worldwide. Lately, teddy bears have become our home’s main family member. Isn’t it? In such a case, to care for them is an instinct. Whether it’s about fixing a cleaning routine or sewing clothes for them, you cannot keep your mind off them. You might remember the iconic Winnie the pooh looks even more enchanting because of his quirky red t-shirt. Imagine making a cute, trendy shirt and pants combination for your giant teddy bear. Sounds fun, right? If you want to know what you should know before crafting adorable clothes for your teddy bear, stick to this blog. Here is how you can make stylish clothes for your stuffed bear. 

Why stitching or buying clothes for a teddy bear is important?

We often take care of our plush toys in innumerable ways. It is yet another way of protecting your teddy bears from dust and unpredictable damage. Imagine how you can pamper your teddy bear by buying or stitching clothes for him. Not only will it look adorable, but it will help you make your teddy bear’s colors and charm last longer. These days’ folks are going crazy over buying fashionable apparel for their teddy bears. Doing this allows you to care for your huge teddy bear most affordably and effortlessly. Moreover, you can gift adorable teddy bear clothes to your friends or family who have teddy bears in their homes.

Best dressed bears of all time:

  1. Teddy Roosevelt

 Back in 1902, when Theodore Roosevelt was on a hunting trip, he refused to kill a bear. Seeing this humbleness and humanity of Roosevelt, folks were amazed. Soon, they started making cartoons of Roosevelt with the bear. Further, a toy-making owner stuffed the first teddy bear to life. The cute teddy bear is known for brown fur, a dull yellowish-brown shirt, and pants.

2. The Paddington Bear

This adorable teddy bear is a fictional character from a famous children’s book called, A bear called Paddington in October 1958 by William Collis and their sons. Later, in 1972, the first stuffed Paddington bear was stitched by Gabrielle designs. After that, the bear got famous because of its military-wear look. The bear and his story are still popular among people worldwide. 

3. The Polo Bear

The polo bear has a long history since the year 1991. It was when the employees of Ralph Lauren gifted jerry teddy bears made by a German toy maker Steiff to their boss and his brother. Seeing this, the brothers moved and started to sell teddy bears in their store, which had a personalized style of Ralph Lauren clothing. As a result, the bear’s style quotient is top-notch with funky jackets and glasses. But unfortunately, the bears are so expensive that only style enthusiasts are interested in their collection. 

Things to consider before making DIY teddy bear clothes:

  1. Measure your teddy bear well. If you have a big teddy bear, you may need bigger-sized fabrics. 
  2. You can choose any fabric ranging from cotton, wool, or nylon. However, the best-suited material for your teddy bear is cotton and wool. You can easily take care of them also.
  3. Leave the cloth with pins for at least 8 hours if you use glue to finish making the garment.
  4. Use soft tape, pins, and ribbons to ensure neatness while making the garments. 
  5. Ensure to avoid sewing over the pins as it can cause wear and tear to the fabric.
  6. Various sewing patterns are available to sew the best clothes for your stuffed animals. You can choose the sewing pattern according to your wish.

Method to stitch DIY clothes for teddy bears:

  • Teddy bear pants and skirts: Firstly, start drawing a pattern on the paper. Then, place the paper cutting on the piece of a folded fabric. After that, cut along the edges of the fabric. Also, make sure you create two identical pieces of fabric. Now, clip the top and bottom of the fabric with pins. The pins are to secure and hold the fabric in one place. Now, you are ready to sew or glue the skirt or pants for your teddy bear.
  1. Create a teddy bear shirt: Firstly, start by placing your life size teddy bear in the middle of the fabric and outline your teddy bear. Now, simply cut the fabric along the lines carefully. Once done, ensure folding the fabric along the top and bottom edges for only about 0.5 inches. Lastly, stitch or glue the fabric. If you wish to glue the fabric, then remember to use fabric glue to avoid chaos.

Now for the straps of the shirt, cut out two pieces of the fabric. Again, measure your teddy bear well to avoid mismatched sizes. Again, line up the two pieces and secure them with pins by making a fold at the top and bottom. Once done, stitch the garment for your teddy bear without any hassle.

Similarly, following this method, you can stitch almost any fashionable attire for your squishy large teddy bear. 


Best-dressed bears always seem like an adorable sight for sore eyes. Therefore, ensure your teddy bears have nice clothes on. It will not only fascinate children but make your space brighter. If you have a small or medium-sized teddy bear, you can easily stitch some cool and fashionable clothes for them. However, if you have a 6ft teddy bear, then buying a nice well-coordinated outfit for him will be more practical. If you are considering buying clothes for your stuffed bear, try choosing sustainable choices like cotton crop tops or shirts. So, don’t ponder more, get your teddy bear a new wardrobe, and pamper him with all your love.

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