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Important Leadership Styles by Goleman You Need Know

To understand the Leadership styles given by Goleman, one should first be aware of a concept given by him on Human interaction, known as Resonance. Resonance originates from “Resonates” which means to resound. Effective leaders are those who are aware of the feelings of the surrounding people. In the leadership of a good leader people feel a level of mutual comfort. A good leader cares of the emotions of the people and moves them in a positive direction. Resonance can be created in six different ways which leads to six different leadership styles.

These leadership styles are not the different types. A leader can use a combination of different styles. The six styles are as follows:-

A Visionary Leader guides people for a common vision. He tells them their destination i.e. where to go but does not tell them how to reach there. Whenever a new direction is to be taken this is the best style to be followed.
A Coaching leader is the counselor of people. He listens to them, makes them realize their strengths and also the weak points. If this style is done badly it appears as Micromanaging.
A leader is the one who promotes harmony amongst the people. He solves their conflicts. This style is used to overcome from stressful situations.
A Democratic Leader is a very good listener. He listens to both the good as well as bad news and acts accordingly. He is a team worker and an influencer. It is used in the situations of uncertainty.
The Pace-setting leader sets exciting goals and builds challenges for people. He identifies the poor performers, and may be impatient.
As the name suggests “The Commanding Leader” is the one who commands, instructs the people to do whatever he wants. He soothes fear among the people and gives them clear directions.

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