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Let’s Talk About Dry Eye—it’s More Common in Women

What do you think about dry eyes? What kind of condition is and what do people particularly women feel in this condition? However, when women suffer from a dry eye condition, they experience burning, watering, itching, and some other symptoms that can make their worst day. It is not only uncomfortable but significant effect on the quality and productivity of your life. The dry eye condition is common in those over 50, but almost all age groups can suffer n this condition. And the bad news is women experience dry eye conditions more than men. Wear Best women eyeglasses for poor vision. 

Symptoms of dry eyes

Dry eye disorder happens when tear quantity or quality or both are affected. This condition occurs when your eyes cannot produce sufficient tears. Dry eyes generate low-quality tears that become evaporate quickly. Healthy eyes create a balance between mucous, oil, and water that lead to dry eyes if they are not in a balanced condition. The dry eye symptoms vary from mild to devastating. If you lift untreated, this eye disorder can become severe and result in permanent vision loss. Some common symptoms are including.

  • Tired eyes
  • Sore or red eyes
  • Grittiness feeling
  • Watery eyes
  • Blurry eyes
  • Light sensitivity

Why women are more affected by dry eyes?

Dry eye disorder affects women due to hormonal changes in women’s life. The instability of testosterone, progesterone and estrogen directly influence tear quality and production. For instance, low and high levels of estrogen can play a significant role in the growth of dry eyes. Besides, women also take birth control pills that have leading roles in the development of dry eyes in the form of side effects. These birth control pills are the biggest reason for decreasing the androgen level that produces fewer tears.

Pregnancy is also one of the biggest causes of dry eyes, and even some women stop to use contact lenses. Visit out site ( for unique pieces of eyewear, if you are planning for Eyeglasses online. Besides, some women don’t apply eye makeup due to eye sensitivity while pregnancy. Morning sickness is also the reason for dehydration, and it is a significant role in the growth of dry eyes.

Another cause of dry eyes is menopause which starts around the age of 50. In this situation, women get dry eyes twice times more than men. One reason is also that women use therapy replacement of hormones to handle the signs and symptoms of menopause. Particularly if women get just estrogen alone, and this is also a side effect of dry eyes. Using a mixture of progesterone and estrogen may also include the growth of dry eyes. If you are experiencing such symptoms, discuss them with the doctor in detail to avoid the damaging effect of dry eyes. Make sure you have described an eye disorder or any other ocular disorder family history. 

Best treatments for dry eyes: 

Well, the actual treatment for dry eyes depends on the eye condition that you suffer from. 

  • Over-the-counter choices:

For random dry eyes, artificial eye drops can aid you in moistening the eyes and reducing signs. The good thing is you don’t require a prescription. There are different choices of eye drops containing electrolytes. Thus, these drops don’t only keep the eyes wet but shield the surface of the eyes. Besides, the eye drops consist of preservatives to block the growth of bacteria after opening the bottle than non-preservative drops. Non-preservative drops are the best option for allergic eyes due to certain elements of eye drops.

  • Prescription choice:

However, artificial tears are just the first protection for dry eye disorders, and more serious signs need a prescription for the correction of the disorder by an optometrist. Some medication is more effective for dry eyes by blocking the inflammation creates hurdles in tear production. Or even you can use eye drops like corticosteroids to decrease inflammation. There is a drug for tear stimulation for enhancing the dry eyes symptoms.

  • Option of surgery:

Surgery is also another option for dry eyes in which tears are dropped in the corner of the eyelids. But it could be permanently or temporarily according to the situation of an eye. When tear drainage close, a short amount of tear lasts in the eyes for a long time. Thus surgery is the best option in this situation.

  • Alternative procedures:

If you like a natural process for the treatment of dry eyes, prefer acupuncture. Many studies approach acupuncture because it is mixed with an artificial tear process that is too effective. Artificial tear alone is not sufficient for dry eyes cure. However, individual studies indicate different results. 

Simple home remedies and little change in your lifestyle can decrease the signs of dry eyes. If you get medicated prescription, contact your eye doctor if you see a common sign of dry eyes with medication. For the enhancement of dry eyes, you should taste different medications. Besides, don’t wear contact lenses with dry eyes symptoms, shift to eyeglasses. Thus choose best place to buy women glasses online for accurate prescription lenses. 

Doctors recommend eating more fatty acids or food supplements such as flaxseed, walnuts, salmon, etc. Besides, women can use a humidifier to bring back eye moisture. If you use technology, take a short break, give the rest of your eyes and place a damp cloth with warm water around the eyelids for a few minutes giving relief to the eyes.

How do you avoid dry eyes?

There are a few tips to prevent the symptoms of dry eyes.

  • Use wraparound eyeglasses while stepping out from the protection of wind and sun of your eyes.
  • Blink eyes frequently
  • Avoid hair dryer
  • Wash your eyes with baby shampoo because it will discharge oil into your eyes
  • Use high-quality makeup and remove it before going to bed
  • While working on a computer, take short breaks after every 20 minutes
  • Keep hydrate your body by drinking 8-10 glasses of water


Women think they are too busy with their kids and taking care of their elders. Thus they don’t have enough time for an eye exam or buy new pair of prescription glasses. But weak vision can affect your mental and physical health. So, all women should take a lot of care of themselves for good health. Because the eyes health of women is a big issue, and women have a higher percentage of cataracts, macular degeneration, and glaucoma linked with age.

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