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How to Make Money With Facebook Applications

Facebook is in our daily life. Most of my friends login to their facebook account more than their email accounts. I have been receiving tens of application invitations every day, and getting seriously tired of it. I was wondering about different monetization methods for Facebook applications and did some research.

I have found an online auction marketplace site to buy and sell Facebook Applications called APPMRKT. Even though this site is very new, there are already auctions running and people are paying some serious money for facebook applications.

Currently, most of the applications on Facebook don’t make money, but a few of them have already started making money and bringing investors. There are 2 videos of Jason Bailey about monetizing facebook applications. I’m sure these will give you some ideas about the possibilities.

I have been thinking about developing a Facebook Application. Most developers launch their applications, and get excited when there’s tremendous traffic, and they try to find ways to monetize it. But I will do my biz plan first, prepare the monetization strategy, then will work on the application.

Is there any facebook application developers or fans out there?

Marco Polo
Marco Polo
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