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The 6 Skills of a Highly Effective IT Employee

Employment for information technology workers is always in demand, with this field presenting excellent opportunities for up-and-coming professionals with specific tech skills. If you want to join this lucrative and rewarding field, check out the skills you’ll want to possess to help you get ahead. 

A willingness to learn

There are many boot camps, classes, workshops, and more where IT employees can earn certifications in various specialties. Adding skills to your arsenal never hurts, making you a more versatile worker. 

For example, if you are interested in learning Kubernetes administration, a popular open-source software system, you should also know how to work with K8s management platforms like these to keep your skills sharp.


Coding isn’t optional when getting a job in the information technology sector. It is an essential requirement for nearly all positions. At the very least, you’ll need to know coding languages such as C++ and HTML. 

On the more advanced end, an employer may require you to show in-depth knowledge of more complex coding programs such as JavaScript, Python, TensorFlow, and more. 


Communication is an essential skill that some IT workers miss out on because working with computers so heavily. However, you’ll need to discuss problems and exchange information with other IT professionals, vendors, management, and so on. Excellent verbal and written communication skills help report issues, keep team members informed, and provide customer satisfaction and support. 

Project management

Self-motivation and self-direction are essential in any profession. It is especially true with IT professionals. As most in the field know, technology work can be time-consuming, which is evident in how often you must adjust timelines during a long project.

IT professionals must know how to accurately determine how long a given project should take and have the resources to stay on target with the timeline. They should also aid an entire team with managing their workload monthly, weekly, or daily.

Cloud computing

As companies continue to shift to cloud computing, they need expertise in-house to migrate their data and create a cloud-friendly workflow properly. 

If you wish to gain an edge, you can demonstrate to your recruiters that you have the necessary skills for cloud computing by acquiring your certification from Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Academy, or Amazon Web Services. 

The specific certification you’ll need will depend on the industry and the position. However, certification will demonstrate that the employee has these skills.


Businesses have a vested interest in looking for employees with tons of ideas. Employers will frequently ask their teams to come up with solutions or suggestions for a particular problem the business is up against. 

IT professionals will have the perfect opportunity to contribute if they have creative skills. These skills can be the direct source for winning ideas that can give the company an edge. It’s natural for IT professionals to always look for ways to improve their processes or products.

Before you go

IT jobs will likely see an increase of approximately 13% in this decade, which is faster than the average growth for all other occupations. Picking up hard and soft skills that make you a more effective worker will help you succeed in a competitive field.

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