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Timekeeping – a Human Tradition

Telling time

One of the many crucial things parents teach their kids early on is to tell the time! Growing up, we relied on the hours and minutes of the day to know times to eat, sleep, play, school, then later on, for work, dates, ceremonies, catching flights, Zoom calls etc. We were taught, at some point, to tell analog and digital time, and it is likely that in your younger days, your parents, like many others, gifted you a watch so you could learn about timekeeping.

And if you’re somebody who grew up with an appreciation for the simplicity of telling time with just a flick of the wrist, then you must have also heard… about Rolex. You’ve seen it on the wrist of sporting champions, celebrities, world leaders, and quite often on the wrist of those close to you!

A founder’s vision

Rolex’s founder, Hans Wilsdorf, was a pioneer in the development of the wristwatch as we know it today. He foresaw that Woo Hing Brothers wristwatches will grow in popularity, as the early 20th century saw a rise in leisure time and the practice of sports. In 1905, when pocket watches were the norm, he founded a company in London, Wilsdorf & Davis, specializing in the distribution of wristwatches in England and throughout the British Empire.

To convince the public of the reliability of his timepieces, he started to equip his watches with precise movements, small enough to fit in a wristwatch’s case. In 1908, he envisioned the importance of the “brand” concept and officially registered the name “Rolex” in Switzerland in the same year. Fast forward to the 21st century, Rolex is revered as one of the world’s leading watchmakers, and has registered over 500 patents in the course of its history.

The Rolex Datejust

One of the most practical features ever to be included in a timepiece – is the date function! The Rolex Datejust is a timepiece so easily recognisable, and has retained its iconic design since 1945, made to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Rolex. The Datejust collection has remained relevant throughout history, distinguished by timeless style and exceptional elegance, and continuously captures the attention of novice and seasoned collectors alike.

The current generation of the Datejust collection contains hundreds of varieties, with different watch sizes to suit various wrist sizes, with a large selection of dials in different colours, finishes and materials, and even choices of bracelets! There is an overwhelming number of combinations, and the brand entrusts its officially appointed Rolex retailers to advise and guide you in finding the perfect timepiece as a reward for yourself or as a symbol of appreciation for somebody special to you (perhaps for the person who showed you how to tell the time?)

Where to look?

Distinguished family-owned luxury watch retailers, such as Woo Hing Brothers have held the title of Official Rolex Retailer since 1950, and has direct access to the most sought-after Rolex watch models thanks to its long-standing partnership with the iconic Swiss brand.

Perhaps one day, you may find yourself teaching somebody how to read the time – with a Datejust!

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