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Tips for Doing a Proper Website Makeover

It is a real challenge withstanding the pressure of an ever changing industry. It is tough out there, especially for small businesses. The longer you are around, the harder it is to maintain your success rate or make progress. One needs to keep up with the trends in the industry in order to survive and these trends are changing fast. This is why your business also needs to be altered from time to time. Updating your website is a good place to start as results are very visible and appealing. Let’s see how you can make it more fetching for your potential customers.

Be concise

Nobody likes reading novels on websites. If yours contains long tedious texts, you would need to get rid of them as soon as possible. Life today is too fast for reading a lot of content online when you’re looking to buy a product. This issue requires you to comb through all the content on your website and revise it. Some things are probably eligible for elimination, while others need to be rephrased. Another good idea is to add short summaries of each page as flashy images. Those summaries can be laid out in the shape of a simple algorithm that is easy for users to comprehend. This gives the user a chance to use a shortcut in case they know exactly what they want. It also shows that you respect their time. 

Use white spaces

White spaces are known to have a positive impact on viewers. If you take a sample website with white spaces and one without them, you will see the difference yourself. The one that uses white spaces will probably seem much more attractive than the other. Naturally, these spaces need to be placed sensibly. Hence, in order to prepare, you should first work on partitioning your texts. Try to make as many paragraphs you can so that a white space can be implemented between every two paragraphs. Not only that the texts will look more structured and organized, but it will also be clear to the user what is the gist of each paragraph. Therefore, it will result in your users’ happiness.

High quality images

If your product imaging has been on your website for years, it is high time you updated it. The quality of cameras, as well as software for taking photos and processing them has improved immensely in the last couple of years. Even if you don’t own the newest iPhone, chances are that your phone could make better images than the ones that are supposed to be the selling point of your product. Having this in mind, roll up your sleeves and start taking some new photos. Moreover, using 3D rendering can add an incredibly radiant final touch to your efforts. Think outside of the box when it comes to all the perspectives your customers may like to see. Some products should also be seen from the inside, as well. Think long and hard and list all the angles that might interest your audience and make sure you offer a visual for all of them.

Use calls to action

Reading a monotonous text is not much of an experience compared to reading an interactive one. What qualifies an interactive text, you may wonder. For instance, calls to action are one important factor, along with questions. Try to predict the type of person that will be reading your content. After that, use your words to reach this person on a deeper level. Try to anticipate their needs and decide on adequate calls to action. This is guaranteed to get more attention from readers compared to plain texts. Moreover, it will probably be motivating for most readers and will actually make a change in the number of users that decide to use the services you offer.

Bullet point your content

Using bullet points contributes to the clarity of your text. We already agreed that people want to see clear and concise texts on websites of businesses they are interested in. This is why using bullet points is more than welcome in your website’s content. A good example from everyday life that this is efficient is a simple grocery list or taking notes of important meetings. It is in our nature to write bullet points when we want to remember something. This helps us to organize our thoughts and remember what is written. By using bullet points, you will make your users subconsciously remember significant parts of your website content which will also affect their decision to buy your product not only once, but repeatedly. 

Highlight your highlights

It may seem a bit aggressive to some people, but highlighting some of your content can be quite useful. Surely, it may seem pointless to you, the creator of the content, but it might actually be helpful for first time visitors. Your main objective here is the fact that people want to spend as little time as possible searching for the product they want to buy. Highlighting important steps that would lead them to accomplish this goal is exactly what they need. In addition, it may be the factor that will make them decide to use your website again in the future as it proved to be very efficient.

Last, but not least, try to maintain the same tone throughout the whole website. This is a very challenging task, especially when one is refactoring their content instead of creating new one. There is a high chance of you mixing the style of writing, as well as designing images. Make sure to pay attention to this as all your content should be in the same style throughout the whole website. It is important to users. Browsing through different pages of the same website is much easier when it looks and feels as a whole. Nobody will state this as criticism, but it sure is a silent helper when it comes to getting your potential users to like you.

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