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How To Use Rugs To Decorate Your House

Rug is one of the handicraft that forms in two parts ; the skeleton and pile or part that creates picture. Generally the rugs that has more complex design cost more expensive compare to a simple design. horizontal threads. It consist of nylon, wool, polypropylene and many more type. Rugs are used to give an appearance and presentation to your house area. To give your house more interesting, the cooler of rugs should ideally goes with your wall, whereby it can effect an overall appearance of your house. Normally people likes to display a rug in the bedroom.

One of the most favorite rug is called Persian rugs. It’s originate from Egypt since four thousand years ago and the finest rug design. One of the major Persian rug supplier comes from Iran and they are really proud of their products.

Previously, we need to travel to Middle East to get the rug, but thanks to the technology, now we can get it almost everywhere. And the dealers are available in Western countries.  Rug makes by a technique called hand knotting and it was an enhanced from basic flat weaving techniques. The knots are normally created after the rug was completed. It functions is to give finest shape of a hand knotted rugs.

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