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What Happened to KissAnime? Did KissAnime Shut Down?

Everyone is in quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic and is looking at ways to keep themselves entertained. Many people are turning into anime fans and have found anime to be more entertaining and fun to watch. KissAnime is the one-stop destination for people looking for a large collection of anime content. The site lets users watch anime the Japanese animation without paying a dime. However, the site works in an unlawful way, making it one of the reasons why when you bookmark the site URL, it will vanish from your Bookmarks. KissAnime has had the most traffic on its site, never seen before. In the last couple of days or so, so many people have been facing issues on the KissAnime site. The question is, what happened to KissAnime, the anime streaming site?

KissAnime Apps, You Should Think About 

KissAnime Android App 

If you wish to watch anime shows offline anywhere at any time, you can do so by using the KissAnime Android App. You download the KissAnime app from PlayStore, stream online anime, or download to watch anime content offline.

KissAnime App for IOS

Similarly, anyone with an iOS gadget can use the KissAnime app to watch top-quality anime shows and films. You simply have to download the KissAnime Application from the AppStore.

KissAnime TV App

Today is the time of the computerized world, making it easy to watch your favorite TV show from wherever you want and whenever you want. You can use this app on your mobile, PC, tablet, and also on your TV. You simply download the KissAnime app on your Smart Android TV and watch the anime series or movies you wish to watch directly from your TV. 

Did KissAnime Shut Down? 

KissAnime has been operating for a very long time, with many anime fans using it on a daily basis. Mostly, these fans are facing issues with the site. Most of the time, the main reason behind the issue as identified by its developers is the excessive traffic amount caused by users without giving the site a break. Moreover, at times the site has gotten taken down when it was getting updated or for support work. 

Nonetheless, the fans stay loyal to the site, no matter what issues they face. 

As everyone is in quarantine because of this pandemic, KissAnime has been extra popular, with many users visiting the site on a daily.  Fans are facing many problems, like not getting to the site using the URL they have bookmarked or getting a message to purchase a membership to stream anime on KissAnime. 

There has been quite a speculation that KissAnime, the official site, has gotten closed down. KissAnime is on the number one of the sites letting users’ stream anime movies and series. 

Is KissAnime Illegal? 

In the simplest words possible, hosting a site where users can stream without having permission from the authorized owners or a permit is illegal. The only legal anime streaming site on the internet till now is Crunchyroll. 

However, many anime fans would rather use KissAnime and not Crunchyroll as it is free to use. The truth is the KissAnime site does not have a legal permit to provide users with content and has no membership purchase plan. 

The KissAnime site keeps updates and is still in the running because of the advertisements it showcases, which many users do not mind considering the features the site provides. 

The question that arises is: If the KissAnime site is not legal, then why has the KissAnime site not been shut down yet? The main theory one can come up with is that the developers behind the site get managed by some really clever people. 

The site has workers who do not stay in one place and change their area consistently, exploiting the way copyright laws work from one country to another.


KissAnime is one of the largest streaming sites available on the internet. The site still operates, even though the content is illegal. The site is running and popular more than ever. The site is so popular because it is the only site that has the most extensive collection of anime movies and series, ensuring everyone has something to watch for. Users can stream or download anime movies and shows, other animated content, and even play games. You can find everything anime-related on this site.

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