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Is Contact Lenses Better Than Glasses?

There are many reasons users prefer contact lenses over eyeglasses. Among these, many are improving due to better technologies making it more and more likely for people to prefer them. Following are some reasons why you should prefer contact lenses over eyeglasses. 

Advantages of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses will help you change your eye color into numerous shades, making them multipurpose. In addition, these will conform to the eye’s natural curvature; therefore, compared to glasses, the field of view will be much wider. These are also not affected by the weather.

For example, you will not have to deal with fogging during the cold. Some of these can reshape according to the cornea while a person sleeps. These are ortho-k lenses, or overnight orthokeratology, helping correct myopia temporarily, so the person wearing them can see for the rest of the day without needing glasses.

Some people might find it hard to put these on and take them off initially. However, this is an issue that will be solved with time.

Why Prefer Them Over Eyeglasses

Because eyeglasses are placed about half an inch from your eyes, there is a possibility that your peripheral vision is distorted as you wear these over time.

In addition, with eyeglasses, some people face problems such as blurry vision or finding it difficult to focus on objects when they first buy them or when their prescription changes.

These will also cause some problems due to the weather. For example, eyeglasses fog up in the cold weather. Some eyeglasses also exert a lot of pressure on your nose and behind the ears, which might cause discomfort and headaches. All of these are issues that can be solved by getting a pair of lenses.

Buying Contact Lenses

Contact lenses come in numerous different colors and shades, which can either blend with your natural eye color or give you a completely new look by using a striking shade. However, you can get plain daily wear contact lenses as well, which depends on you. is UK’s no.1 independent contact lens supplier, which you can consult when buying them. The website supplies the most renowned contact lens brands, for example, Crystal Comfort, Dailies, and Freshlook Colorblends.

Unique Characteristics of Eye Lenses

Most contact lenses will not only help you with your vision but also take care of refractive errors, for example, nearsightedness, farsightedness and stigmatization. Many of these are also designed to take care of specific issues and needs. For example, those with corneal irregularities can wear sclera lenses.

More Comfortable

Newer technologies have made it possible for lenses to maintain comfort and eye health by using different materials. For example, hybrid lenses cover both the advantages of soft and rigid lenses/the center is made durable for the best vision, whereas the soft lens skirt will avoid any discomfort. Because these are placed directly on the cornea, you will also get wider visual access.

Because of newer technologies and improvements, contact lenses will not only help you temporarily but also help improve your vision in the long term. For as long as one remembers to take care of theirs properly, these have many advantages as to why they should be a preference.

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